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As of this writing we have now not fed a ton of raw products to our dogs.

Nevertheless, plenty of our friends and fellow bloggers are advocates of raw feeding for his or her dogs.

Today’s post is by Kevin, Harley, and Charlie from MyDogLikes. The Goldens reviewed Primal Marrow Dog Bones just a few years back. Keep reading to see what they thought.

UPDATE: This post was originally published on MyDogLikes on February twenty fourth, 2015 We recently updated and republished here on

Raw feeding could also be one of the vital talked about, yet least understood topics within the pet industry.

While it seems easy on the surface, there’s quite a bit to learn to make sure that that you simply are providing adequate nutrition to your pets – and doing so safely.

Figuring all this out and preparing the food on your personal is quite a bit to tackle for many dog owners (us included!)

Thankfully, there are easier options available for individuals who want the advantages of a raw weight-reduction plan, but lack the knowledge or time to DIY.

Primal and the BARF Weight loss plan  

We first learned about Primal and their raw philosophy at Backer’s Total Pet Expo.

We had noticed Primal products in our local store, but were intimidated with the concept of feeding raw on the time.

After chatting with a Primal representative, our fears vanished…we were intrigued!

Our interest turned to excitement once we were offered the chance to check out and review Primal Raw for our readers!

As advocates of the BARF pet food weight-reduction plan (Bones and Raw Food or Biologically Appropriate Raw Food), Primal believes that our pets must be eating a weight-reduction plan that mimics the eating habits of animals of their natural habitat, the wild!

Simply put, the BARF pet food weight-reduction plan consists of muscle meat, organs, fresh fruit/vegetables and bones.

Throw me a Bone

Giving bones to dogs is usually a somewhat controversial topic. So we thought…Where higher to start the discussion in regards to the Primal weight-reduction plan?

With so many conflicting statements and opinions about bones on the market, its hard to know what to consider.

While there are potential hazards to look out for, bones play a crucial role in a balanced raw weight-reduction plan.

I would really like to preface this discussion by reminding that there are a lot of various kinds of bones and that they need to only be given under direct supervision!

The Importance of Bones in a Raw Weight loss plan

For years we have now given the boys bones as a special treat; but it surely wasn’t until we began learning about raw feeding that we came upon how crucial they’re to an entire raw weight-reduction plan.

You could think that a bone is a bone on the subject of feeding your dogs. Well…..not exactly.

When visiting your local pet store you will note many differing kinds of bones, from many alternative animals, prepared in many alternative ways.

All of that is necessary on the subject of feeding bones safely.

Primal breaks their dog bones into 2 categories:  Raw Meaty Bones and Recreational Bones.

Raw Meaty Bones vs Recreational Bones

Primal’s Raw Meaty Bones may be completely consumed.  This category includes chicken/ turkey necks and chicken backs.

They’re considered “soft bones” as they don’t splinter. As a substitute, they can be crushed by your dogs strong molars and powerful jaw.

These bones are a natural source of the calcium needed for a robust skeletal system.

Primal’s Recreational Bones are usually not to be fully consumed. This category includes marrow and femur bones.

They’re great for tooth and gum nourishment and satisfying a dogs have to chew.

They must be discarded after a day or two when all of the meat and marrow has been removed.

These bones are significantly harder than the raw meaty bones and may cause cracked or chipped teeth if left around for prolonged chewing.

Primal Raw Marrow Dog Bones Review

After spending every week other than them visiting family, we thought the boys deserved a special treat.

We figured the Primal Marrow bones in our freezer can be just the thing!

These hormone and antibiotic-free marrow bones are sourced from beef raised within the USA! They’re roughly 4” long and 1-½” in diameter.

Most significantly, they’re covered in quite an attractive layer of muscle, tendon, and fat (or so the boys would indicate!).

Ideally we might have tested these bones outside – but with a deep snow pack and windchills of -20, that was clearly not happening!!

You could be wondering how on earth you feed raw meaty bones inside without making a large number?!

Well, for starters these bones are to be kept frozen until it’s time to eat. A chilly hard bone goes to make much less of a large number than one which is fresh or fully thawed!

We decided to maintain them isolated within the kitchen while they were having fun with their Primal bones.

Here, we could easily wipe the tile floors after they were finished. In the event you don’t have a convenient cleanable surface, laying out a big beach towel you can throw within the wash will do the trick too! 

Its Go Time – Reviewing the Primal Marrow Bone!

With the crinkle of a bag, and the aroma of fresh meat within the air, we had some curious pups!

Once they narrowed down where the sounds and smells were coming from, the boys were at full attention.

I gave the boys the prospect to smell the Marrow Bones to see in the event that they is perhaps interested  (Ha!).

Each gingerly licked the bone as I held it and stood there not knowing whether this was real life they usually could take the bone from me or not!

Although sometimes they engage in some pretty wild behavior while they’re waiting for goodies to drop, this was different; nothing but laser focus!

Once I assured each of them that it was OK to take the bone and settled them into their respective corners of the kitchen, it took no convincing in any way to get the boys to work pulling bits of flesh from their prized possessions!

A Problem Solving Approach

It took the boys about half-hour to 1 hr to strip the bone of its flesh and take away many of the marrow.

While prolonged “chewing” isn’t good to your dogs teeth, eating the Primal Beef Marrow Bone was different because it consisted of licking and tearing primarily.

It was great to see the boys acting as they might in nature; using their brains to problem solve and their teeth to tear and tear away on the flesh.

Because the boys worked through the bones, they slowly thawed and have become barely more “wet”; nevertheless, this closely coincided with many of the flesh and tendon stripping and didn’t make a noticeable mess on the ground.

Frustration Station

Frustrated with the slipping and sliding and difficulty “holding” their bones on the slippery kitchen floor, at a few points, the boys tried to rise up and take their bones to the carpet for a greater grip.

A bit problem solving fixed this in a jiffy and resulted in giving each of the boys a hand towel to eat their bones on….Problem solved!

Know your home

In case your dog knows the “place” command (returning to a blanket, bed, or special spot) using a towel is a helpful tip, as a fast command easily redirected the boys back to their “place” after they tried to make an escape to their favorite chewing spots (ie. the furniture and carpet!).

In spite of everything the meat and tendons had been stripped from the bone, I simply threw the towels within the washer to maintain things sanitary.

A fast spray of disinfectant on the kitchen floor, and we were back in business!

After stripping the bones of all of the flesh-the party didn’t stop!

The boys intermittently chewed on or carried around their treasures (bones) for the remainder of the day and into the following morning!

The boys would have chewed on these bones relentlessly with no breaks, so we distracted them and took the bones away for periods of time to present them a break.

With any bone it’s at all times necessary to observe your dogs and look ahead to signs of fatigue or splintering/breakage.

Happily, a full day later, there was still no splintering despite hours of enjoyment.

In response to package instructions, Primal Beef Marrow Bones must be taken away after 24-48 hours – which just so happened to align with Harley’s oral surgery (he’s having a mass removed).

Without the scheduled surgery, it might have been hard to tear them away from these bones!

The piece of mind that I had after realizing that their best attempts at total destruction didn’t end in shattering or splintering…well there just isn’t any value you possibly can placed on that!

Why MyDogLikes Primal Marrow Bones

Raw meat and marrow – What dog wouldn’t need to get their paws on one among these?

We loved watching them instinctively rip and tear tendons and meat from the bones.

Not only does it help to satisfy their retriever desire to chew, but it surely mentally stimulates them in addition to they manipulate their bodies to carry the bones excellent to get every last morsel of tendon, meat, and marrow from it.   

While we were initially concerned in regards to the mess, a straightforward solution can be to feed outdoors until the initial meat and marrow is stripped from the bone.

Or if you happen to are in what seems like the Tundra (Gotta love Western Latest York winters), feeding on a wipeable floor or with a towel is a straightforward solution.

The towel also helped to maintain clean up concentrated to at least one spot.

Bonus points awarded if your dog knows the “place” command which easily redirects them when attempts are made to move to their favorite chew spots like carpet or upholstered surfaces that are usually not as easy to scrub.  

We had absolutely little question that the Primal bones would go over well with the boys.

What we were trying to see is how the bones themselves stood as much as their chewing.

We have now had some bad experiences with splintering bones previously, and made sure to maintain an in depth eye on how they were holding up.

Nearly 24 hours later with a lot of chew time mixed in, the bones were clean, intact, and protected!

Stay tuned as we explore more products within the Primal line and tackle other common questions on raw and BARF pet food diets!

This can be a republished blog post. I did some searching and didn’t see the Primal Marrow Dog Bones available on Amazon.

Here’s a link to an analogous alternative Marrow Dog Bone: Raw Paws Marrow Bones.(that is an analogous but not the identical product from this review).

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