You Are Killing Your Puppy With the Poison You Are Feeding Him – It’s Not Dog Food, It’s Dog Killer!


Do you hate your puppy? Kick it around or put it within the microwave? After all not. But you are doing something just as bad and the worst part is that you simply don’t even know that you simply’re doing it.

I got so mad once I discovered that ordinary pet food was little greater than poison. Even the luxurious stuff. My grandmother has all the time had Scottie dogs. She’d make certain that she bought the very best pet food she could afford for them and yet it was actually killing them!

You’re thinking that that specially prepared “nutritious” pet food is the correct thing to provide your puppy don’t you? I did, my Grandmother did. We’re all improper. WAY improper. It is the worst filth you could possibly ever feed them!

Do you already know what’s in 90% of the pet food you’ll be able to buy at the shop? “Animal by-product”. Well that may’t hurt an excessive amount of can it? Dogs need a little bit meat. So long as you are not a vegan you most likely would not be too bothered in case your dog chewed on a bone or ate meat… it’s what dogs do.

But do dogs eat “animal by-product” naturally? I do not even wish to inform you what it means because I remember my elderly grandma crying once I told her. I needed to, it was the one way she was going to stop feeding George the filth that she thought was good for him.

I’ll start with the just about OK stuff they put in your dog’s food. The bits of cow and chicken and pig that won’t fit for humans to eat. That is the eyelids, the claws, the insides, dead skin, beaks. Its ground up and put into the food. It sounds disgusting and by no means nutritious but when this was all that was in animal by-products I could idiot myself into considering it’s not too bad.

No the bad part is not even that they put maggot filled road kill into your pet food under this “animal by-products” label. The true shock to me was that they put animals who’ve needed to put down- killed by vets- into the combo. Lets not kid ourselves here, we’re talking birds, cats and even other dogs! Why would you for a second give your puppy food that was made out of other dogs?


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