Yorkshire Terrier Health And Behavior Problems


Like most pets, there are particular health and behavior problems related to this breed of dog that it’s best to address. They were originally used as hunting dogs, and Yorkies are normally healthy dogs but do suffer from quite a few behaviour and health problems.

Yorkshire Terrier Training

These toy dogs are very smart and respond well to training. They will be easily trained and make the right indoor pet, especially when you live in a small house or apartment. That is certainly one of the explanations they’ve turn into such a well-liked pet in recent times, and are owned by a wide selection of individuals. Nonetheless, like most canines, the Yorkie can develop some bad habits and misbehave. Typical bad habits include barking, growling, nipping, digging, coprophagia and digging. To deal with these problems, it is important as an owner, to coach your dog as early as possible, before these habits turn into a routine.

Yorkshire Terrier Aggression Towards Other Animals

Your pet could appear to be tame and harmless. Nonetheless, the Yorkshire Terrier was originally bred to hunt small rodents. It’s instinct to guard its territory. This may result in a Yorkshire Terrier showing aggression towards other small pets and animals you could have. If you’ve gotten a couple of pet, you will want to deal with this problem with the intention to instill harmony between these animals.

Yorkshire Terrier Health Problems

The Yorkie has a lifespan of 14 to 16 years of age. Their lifespan will be increased when you follow the recommendation of your veterinarian. Giving them loads of exercise and feeding them healthy food also helps to elongate their lives.

The fundamental health problems Yorkshire Terriers suffer from include diabetes, eye disorders, internal parasites and Luxated Patella. These health issues can turn into more serious in case your dog isn’t checked by your veterinarian regularly. There are a lot of hidden dangers in the house, garden and yard. Due to a Yorkshire Terriers small size, it is advisable be certain that your home, garden and yard are protected to live and play in.

Separation Anxiety

Yorkshire Terriers are sociable animals, and love the eye of their owners. Nonetheless, there can be times once you’ll have to depart your dog by itself. With the correct approach, leaving your Yorkie and returning to your private home shouldn’t turn into a serious event on your dog. If the issue isn’t addressed, it may result in unnecessary anxiety and stress on your pet.


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