Why Do Dogs Hide Their Bones? Surprising Reasons Why (and Where)


If you’ve got ever owned a dog, you’ve got probably wondered why they at all times appear to hide bones within the strangest places. This behavior will be puzzling to dog owners, however the motivation behind it is easy.

Hiding bones is an instinctual behavior for dogs. It served the aim of hiding food for later when wild dogs weren’t guaranteed several meals a day served on a platter. Although dogs don’t have to hide bones and food now to survive, for a lot of breeds the habit has stuck around.

Although hiding things like bones, treats, and toys is normal behavior, there are some things you possibly can do to stop or reduce it. (Especially in case your dog is digging holes throughout your yard!).

Why Do Dogs Hide Bones?

Hiding bones is one in every of many behaviors dogs have acquired through evolution. As pack animals, wolves and wild dogs needed to bury leftover food to maintain it fresh and protected from other animals. Although puppies often should not have to fret about food shortages, they still bury bones. 

Interestingly, this behavior is more common in hunting breeds than non-hunting breeds.

Based on the authors of Why Do Dogs Like Balls?, D. Caroline Coile, PhD and Margaret H. Bonham:

“Dogs naturally bury food they don’t need to eat now as a way to reserve it for later. Dogs with outdoor access may dig a small hole … Indoor dogs may search for scatter rugs, piles of clothing, or pillows under which to cover their stash.”

Sometimes dogs hide things due to an underlying problem with anxiety or stress

Dogs who come from less fortunate situations, like puppy mills or dogs who were homeless, could also be more more likely to hide food because they’d to compete for resources and take care of food scarcity. For dogs like this, an anxiety vest may help ease their stress and subsequently reduce the urge to cover things. 

Why Does My Dog Hide Certain Treats or Bones?

You might notice that sometimes your dog hides their bones and sometimes they don’t. Sometimes they hide bones and treats or bones and toys. 

It is difficult to say exactly why your dog may decide to hide certain bones over others, but one explanation may very well be how high or low value they’re

For instance, you might find that your dog hides things they love to maintain them protected – like their favorite bones and toys.

They may hide some items because they’re bored or not as essential. Your dog may scarf down their favorite treats or bones but hide those they don’t like as much, just in case they’re hungry later.

When Do Dogs Hide Their Bones?

Like us, dogs are creatures of habit. You might notice that the identical time every day your dog scurries away to cover something or ask yourself why your dog hides bones some days but not others.

The predominant answer to this query is that dogs often hide their bones once they aren’t hungry. This might occur for those who give your dog a bone right after a meal, for instance.

You may additionally notice your dog hiding their bones more ceaselessly if other animals or individuals are around. They might not trust one other animal or your guests to not take their bones/toys for themselves!

Why Do Dogs Whine When They Hide Their Bones?

Have you ever ever heard your dog whine when he gets a bone?

It looks like an odd behavior and might even get annoying sometimes but dogs whining when burying their bones is a standard thing

Your dog is happy that you simply gave them something delicious or a brand new toy that just became their most prized possession! Whatever it’s, they need to keep it protected until they’re able to eat or play with it later. 

It’s kind of like crying joyful tears, but in addition being nervous that you’re going to lose something essential to you.

Where Do Dogs Hide Bones?

Dogs hide their bones everywhere, often leaving their owners scratching their heads and wondering, “Why here?” once they find them. Listed below are a couple of of the places that your dog may decide to hide their bones and why:

Why do dogs hide bones
in corners?

From a strategic standpoint, it is less complicated to observe and protect something that’s hidden within the corner of the room. If their bone is in the midst of the room then it’s exposed from all sides.

Why do dogs hide their bones
within the dirt?

Dogs hide their bones within the dirt since it makes them harder for others to seek out and steal. It also acts as a natural refrigerator.

Why do dogs hide their bones
in the home?

Dogs hide their bones in the home since it is their home. They need to hide their food where it would be protected and never stolen by other animals, which is why wolves and wild dogs would normally hide bones near their den.

Why do dogs hide bones in my bed?

It could be irritating to finally lay down after an extended day to seek out the hard lump of a bone under your blanket or pillow. Even worse is the smell of a bone lingering while you are trying to go to sleep.

You would possibly not benefit from the habit, but your dog probably hides bones in your bed since it is a vital place! You sleep there every night, so in case your dog is allowed in your bedroom and in your bed, they probably consider it one in every of the important thing areas of your own home or apartment.

Your bed also has pillows and blankets that make it easy in your dog to cover their bones from sight.

Why does my dog hide her bones across the house?

The realm around your own home is familiar to your dog. It’s their territory. They know the world, who’s around, and where the most effective hiding places are.

Why does my dog hide her bones under me?

Have you ever ever sat on the couch and had your dog come up and check out to shove a bone underneath you? 

In that case, you already know that it is just not probably the most comfortable experience. Nonetheless, try to be honored since it signifies that your dog trusts you adequate to take care of one in every of their most prized possessions! 

How To Stop My Dog From Hiding Food

As we mentioned before, hiding food is an instinctual behavior seen in lots of dogs. The behavior is just not useful to most dogs today, but they still do it out of habit.

If it doesn’t trouble you and there’s nothing obsessive concerning the behavior you possibly can decide to let it go. Whether it is causing problems, there are things you possibly can do about it.

Listed below are 3 ways to forestall your dog from hiding their bones:

1. Listen to your dog’s eating regimen

Is it possible that your dog is being overfed? Most dogs are intuitive eaters, meaning that they eat once they are hungry and stop once they are full.

In case your dog is saving a lot of bones and treats for later, they probably aren’t essential. It is difficult to not spoil out furry friends, but by only giving your dog what they need they may not find yourself with extras to cover. 

2. Ask yourself in case your dog is bored

A bored dog will find something to preoccupy themselves with, whether it’s chewing in your recent shoes, hiding things, or getting as much as other mischief across the house. 

In case you notice your dog has other undesirable behaviors on top of this one, boredom could be the perpetrator.

Buying your pup a couple of toys, especially interactive toys, to rotate and ensuring they’re getting enough mental and physical stimulation could be enough to interrupt a bored dog’s bone-hiding habit. A slow feeder dog bowl is one other technique to address boredom and make your dog work for his or her meal.

3. Find higher ways to channel this energy

Your dog’s food-hiding could also be annoying and inconvenient to you (sitting on hard bones under your blankets, finding holes dug up within the yard, etc.). But bones aside, some dogs just love digging and hiding things!

One technique to solve this problem without attempting to extinguish the behavior is to create a delegated digging space in your yard and train your dog to only dig there. You’ll be able to even buy a brilliant fun digging pit for those who don’t need any holes in your yard, just remember to reward them every time they use it until they learn to not dig elsewhere.

Or make a game out of hiding and retrieving certain toys. This offers your dog a healthy technique to act on their instincts without being destructive or gross and positively reinforces them hiding certain things but not others. 

Do you’ve got a dog who hides their bones or treats excessively? Allow us to learn about it and the way you’re working to beat this!

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