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Identical to humans, dogs experience happiness, stress, illnesses, and their each day experiences are sometimes reflected of their dreams. It is kind of common to listen to your pooch crying, howling, and even growling of their sleep. But what does it mean? What do dogs dream about once they cry?

For pet parents, it could possibly be difficult to see them cry while asleep, but when you understand what they’re likely dreaming about, you won’t worry a lot. Here’s what you must find out about why your dog cries in its sleep. 

Why Dogs Cry in Their Sleep 

Identical to humans, there generally is a few different explanation why a dog may cry while sleeping. These include:

1. They need Attention

Your dog could also be asking for attention. It’s not unusual for dogs to pretend to be sleeping and crying. In point of fact, they are only lying down with their eyes closed and whimpering and even sobbing — and what they need is for his or her pet parent to provide them some attention. 

In some situations, for example, for those who are crate training your dog, they might be pretending to cry to get out, or they might want food or water. Ensure your pup is well-fed and has had enough water to drink before bedtime. That way, you may be sure that their cries during crate training are just because they need their way.


2. They’re in Pain 

Adrenaline can numb pain. Sometimes a dog is likely to be hurt or sick, but they don’t realize this during waking hours. When a dog settles all the way down to sleep, and its body is totally inactive, the mind registers this discomfort, and this can lead to disturbed sleep and even crying during sleep. 

Sometimes the foundation cause will be hard to discover. For example, mites or fleas will be bugging the dog, however the dog hasn’t noticed them, nor has the parent. Similarly, the dog could also be experiencing internal pain on account of an internal injury, a sore joint, or one other similar issue. 


3. They’re Sleep Deprived

Dogs can easily get over-excited, and, on this state, they will overwork themselves. This will result in sleep deprivation. The result’s that they get poor-quality sleep and might find yourself crying during sleep. Sometimes just giving the dog more time to sleep and/or higher conditions to sleep in can fix the issue. 

puppy-sleeping-on-couch why do dogs bark in their sleep

4. They’d a nasty dream 

Dogs experience dreams identical to humans, and that features bad dreams. That is barely tougher to deal with, but it could possibly be handled by comforting them.


What Do Dogs Dream About Once they Cry?

Most often, dogs will dream about their recent past. This might be the day they’ve just experienced and even the past few days. Nonetheless, dogs even have good long-term memory, so that they can take into consideration things from a few years ago as well. 

In case your dog has had a rough day, this may lead to a disturbed night’s sleep. Nonetheless, if its routine is healthy and it hasn’t had any distinguished bad experiences recently, this might be due to something else. Some things generally will be stressful for a dog, similar to fireworks or thunder and even revisiting a spot where your pooch had a nasty experience. In case your pup cries of their sleep, they is likely to be remembering those stressful situations. 


When you’ve adopted a dog from a shelter and don’t know much about its past, there might be trauma that continues to be troubling the dog in its dreams. Past trauma takes a little bit of time to repair. The dog needs reassurance and training to beat trust issues and develop a brand new or improved perception. It’s best to seek the advice of knowledgeable dog trainer to enable you to earn your dog’s trust and learn to administer its issues.

Understand Doggy Sleep Behavior 

Understanding your pooch’s sleep behavior will improve their sleep cycle. Dogs have two phases of sleep referred to as the slow-wave cycle and the REM (Rapid Eye Movement) cycle. Dreaming occurs within the REM cycle. The slow-wave cycle is when the dog slowly drifts off to sleep, and the conscious brain continues to be partially energetic. 

Once the dog is within the REM phase, you’ll notice the next:

  • The eyes moving behind the closed lids
  • Twitching whiskers
  • Irregular respiration
  • Muscles twitching
  • Limbs moving 

These are only a couple of of the things that indicate the dog is in a deep sleep. Each dog has its unique way of sleeping, which might enable you to understand yours.


What Owners Can Do 

When you notice your pet crying while asleep, you could be tempted to the touch it, cuddle it, or wake it up, hoping it’s going to stop crying. Quite the opposite, this may worsen the situation as it’s going to startle the dog. 

Abruptly waking a dog could cause them to turn into more scared, and it could even bite in the event that they feel threatened. Whether it is having a nightmare, it’s much more prone to feel threatened and act out for those who wake it up, pondering you might be its attacker.

Let your pooch sleep, because the dream will end eventually. If you must soothe them,  gently call their name to wake them up or until their heart rate has settled. Once the dog is awake, comfort them with cuddles and a soft tone of voice to place them relaxed.


In Conclusion

It’s perfectly normal to your canine to cry during their sleep; generally, it just isn’t something to fret about. Nonetheless, in case your dog is experiencing any distress otherwise you notice any unfamiliar behavior, seek the advice of a vet or specialist to make sure nothing is seriously incorrect. We hope this text puts your mind relaxed and helps you improve your pup’s slumber. 

two basset hounds asleep in wicker bed

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