What Can I Do If My Cat Is not Getting Enough Exercise?


Cats need exercise to remain healthy and energetic! (Picture Credit: Getty Images)

Everyone loves a lazy day. You already know, those laid back times if you realize you’ve been slumped in the identical spot on the couch for the last six hours, binge watching your way through the newest Netflix series while sustaining yourself on a food regimen of salty snacks.

But as humans we also know that journeying through the day in such a sedate way must be a treat, not the norm. Many cats, unfortunately, seem quite comfortable to have such a lazy lifestyle each day if left to their very own devices, especially indoor cats.

But while it’s fun to embrace the concept of felines snacking and napping their way through the day, there are a couple of steps you may take as a responsible cat parent to be certain that your kitty is getting adequate exercise.

This is particularly essential once the athletic stage of kittenhood blooms into the languid adult cat era. Listed here are a couple of ways you can assist a cat who’s not getting enough exercise to remain energetic and healthy.

Entertain Kitty With Latest Toys

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To start out with, you’re going to wish to think concerning the dilemma of cat toys.

Now I do know that there are some easy-going felines on the market who will play with anything you throw their way. But many cats are super finicky and dismiss store bought toys, whether or not they’re low cost plastic balls or expensive electronic contraptions.

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So discover what your cat enjoys, and stick with the script, whether that involves fresh catnip toys — crinkle them in your hands to assist activate the ‘nip — or newly balled-up shopping receipts.

Also, keep in mind that for adult cats, stalking the prey is fun, so display patience when evidently your cat is just observing you when you wiggle a cat dancer in vain.

Add A Box Into The Mix

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A tactically-placed cardboard box on the ground can be a wise option to engage your feline in exercise.

Get them to stalk and chase toys around, over, and contained in the box. In any case, we all know that it’s scientifically inconceivable for cats to withstand the lure of cardboard.

It is a nice, low cost option to keep your kitty busy. Just remember to maintain your shipping boxes the subsequent time you order something online.

Give Them Space To Climb

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Height can be key. I do know that cat trees are just about the epitome of ugly home décor, but consider your cat climbing as much as their napping perch as a bite-sized activate a step machine.

If you’ve the space and DIY nous to mount some cat shelves on the wall, that’s also a simple option to be certain that your feline is having fun while getting their day by day step count up.

Finally, when you’re within the habit of rewarding your cat with treats, make it a part of their exercise regimen by throwing them across the ground to chase after. And when you occur to accomplish that from the vantage of the couch, that’s okay, too.

How do you retain your cat in shape? Do you’ve any fun suggestions for energetic play time? Tell us within the comments below!

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