Training Pups – When is a Good Age to Start Training Shih Tzu Puppies?


Shih Tzu puppies are some of the loyal and loving of companions. From birth, they fight to please you. Nevertheless if left untrained they might be hyperactive and destructive. In case you have no idea when to coach these puppies, you would have a tornado with fur spinning through your private home, destroying the whole lot in its path. Training a Shih Tzu early is idea and is kind of easy:

  • One of the best time to begin training a Shih Tzu puppy is between 8 and 10 weeks. Because you technically mustn’t remove the puppy from the mother before this time, it’s idea to begin immediately once you bring your Shih Tzu puppy home.
  • Start by bringing your puppy to a delegated spot in your yard after times like eating, long naps, waking up within the morning, and when your puppy is left alone for prolonged periods of time.
  • Puppies at this age don’t understand commands; this takes time. At about 8 weeks, start by confining the small pup to a 5′ by 5′ square in your yard. Point your finger to the spot and repeat a phrase that the little puppy can remember. Be consistent and use this spot, phrase, and pointing your finger. It’s best to do that immediately after meals so you’ll be able to make certain there will probably be elimination.
  • Praise the little puppy by holding him/her and petting them after they have a successful elimination of their spot. After some time, you’ll be able to start giving them treats.
  • At 8-10 weeks of age, it isn’t idea to punish the puppy for accidents indoors. They do not know this is not acceptable so it will be quite pointless to punish them.


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