The Dangers of Feeding Raw Dog Food to Your Pet


Before you go and tell everyone that feeding raw pet food to your pooch is dangerous (as suggested by the title), hear me out first: every little thing we do on a day-to-day basis involves some level of risk. Take flying for instance, which is statistically the safest strategy to travel. Sure, it’s quite a bit safer than driving, but there’s all the time that risk of your plane blowing a turbine or getting blown-up by hijackers.

Same concept goes for making your pet eat raw meat and bones, and even industrial pet food for that matter. Feeding raw pet food to your furry best friend may pose some risk, but that will be eliminated with ease, given you follow the right procedure in choosing food from clean sources.

Going back to what you got here here for, the largest concern pet owners are often faced with on the subject of feeding their dogs Biologically Accepted Raw Food, is the chance of infection. To be more specific, Salmonella is what really scares the crap out of pooch owners, since they’re typically present in raw meat. Some symptoms of this disease include gastrointestinal upset, which is usually followed up by a sudden loss in appetite. That in turn will result in weight reduction, which eventually results in (God forbid) death.

Nonetheless, the little beasts might not be the one ones in danger here – you and your loved ones could also be placed in harm’s way when feeding raw pet food to your pets. In case you didn’t know, Salmonella doesn’t just get contracted through ingesting contaminated food, but through several other ways as well. You sir, can get infected through preparing its food, cleansing their bowls, taking out their litter boxes (pooch poop will be very dangerous), and even by petting them.

Now, this does not pose a big threat to middle-aged individuals with strong immune systems, nevertheless it does work more “effectively” against young babies and old people, as they’ve weaker immune systems.

Then again, every little thing we do involves some level of risk, as I’ve clearly stated earlier. Feeding raw pet food is not an exception to the rule, nevertheless it’s quite a bit higher than feeding your hairy friends industrial dog chow, because it has been known to contain a great deal of harmful ingredients. Also, there is not any have to worry in regards to the hairy beast contracting bacteria of any sort, just as long as you however the raw bones and meat from trustworthy sources.


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