Should I Walk My Dog at Night? 6 Suggestions for Walking Your Dog At Night


Dogs might want to use the lavatory even when it’s dark outside. And on hot days you could not have a selection but to walk your dog late at night. Unfortunately, not everyone has the luxurious of with the ability to let their dog into their backyard for a fast potty break before bed.

Still, it’s important to take your safety into consideration on night walks. This is very vital for individuals who are particularly vulnerable or live in areas with high amounts of crime.

Follow our suggestions for walking your dog safely at night.

Let’s dive right into it!

Is it Okay To Walk My Dog at Night?

The reply to this query depends entirely on the situation.

Some areas are extremely dangerous to walk in alone at night, with or with out a dog. Meanwhile, other areas are completely protected. Sticking to safer areas when walking at night is amazingly vital. This is very true for individuals who live in cities and areas with a high crime index.

What Time Should You Walk a Dog at Night?

While the time of night may not matter as much as the situation, it remains to be an excellent idea to take it into consideration. It is generally higher to take your dog for a walk at the least before ten o’clock.

It’s because individuals are still generally awake and alert before this time. This could be vital in case something goes mistaken.

Advantages of Walking Your Dog at Night

There are definitely some advantages to walking at night, especially for those with energetic or reactive dogs.

Listed here are the 2 important advantages of walking your dog at night.

It Helps You and Your Dog Wind Down for the Night

If you’ve got a hyper dog, then you definitely are probably at all times on the lookout for ways to calm them down before bed. Well, going for an evening walk will help them just do that! 

Walks tire dogs out since it involves physical activity and provides them with mental stimulation. This is very true when you are walking in areas with loads of interesting smells.

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Walking at Night Could be Good for Reactive Dogs

More people decide to walk their dogs throughout the day.

Consequently, taking dogs for walks at night could be great for dog owners battling reactivity

Selecting quiet areas where people hardly walk their dogs at night can allow you and your dog to enjoy a pleasant walk with none outbursts.

6 Suggestions For Walking a Dog at Night

Remembering to maintain you and your dog protected during nightly walks is amazingly vital.

Listed here are our six safety suggestions for safely walking your dog at night.

1. Walk in Well Lit Areas

You can’t see as well in the dead of night as you may throughout the day. Consequently, it’s at all times higher to walk your dog in well-lit areas. Streets and parks with lights are great options.

This can will let you keep a greater eye in your dog, and it is going to also will let you take higher notes of your surroundings.

2. Walk in Areas Which can be Well Trafficked With Pedestrians at Night

For those living in cities, it might be a greater idea to walk in areas which are well-trafficked with pedestrians at night. These areas are often safer, and there are people around in case of an emergency.

Walking in areas with many pedestrians also has the advantage of having lower amounts of automobile traffic. That is great because cars at night are particularly hazardous since they’ve lower visibility. There may be also a lower likelihood of running into predators like coyotes in areas that get plenty of pedestrians at night.

3. Follow Areas You Know Well

It is usually an excellent idea to persist with areas that you realize well when going for night walks. In any case, you don’t wish to wander off, especially in the dead of night.

You may even be calmer and more confident walking your dog in areas that you’ve got walked in before.

Sticking to areas that you just and your dog know well could also help together with your dog’s confidence.

Dogs are very alert at night, and more nervous dogs can have trouble walking in unknown areas when it’s dark. This is very true when you encounter stimuli that make your dog uneasy corresponding to loud sounds.

4. At all times Remember to Bring Your Phone

It’s crucial to have a mobile phone on you when walking your dog at night.

That is for everybody, even those walking in very protected areas. It’s important that you just be sure that your phone has a good charge on it before leaving the home as well. Having your phone charged up by at the least over 50% is an excellent idea.

5. Keep Your Dog on Leash

Keeping your dog on a leash when going for night walks is an excellent idea. That is even for dogs with good recall that walk high-quality off-leash throughout the day. There are several the explanation why that is the case.

To start out off, you can’t see as well at night as you may throughout the daytime.

Consequently, your dog could potentially get into things or go into hazardous areas without your knowledge.

There may be also the prospect of something coming up that you just cannot see corresponding to a bicycle or one other dog.

Coping with this stuff with a dog off-leash at night could be incredibly stressful.

6. Essentials For Walking Dog at Night

Tips to Safely Walk Your Dog at Night

Ever wondered what to wear walking a dog at night? There are another items that you could wish to have on you at night.

Here’s a short list of one of the best gear that may enable you and your dog feel safer on night walks.

Flashlights can enable you see in areas that are usually not well-lit. That is great for individuals who should not have access to well-lit walking paths at night. Meanwhile, reflective vests and harnesses will help others see you and your dog.

Though the last two items on our list could seem to be overkill to some, they could be vital. Having a protective item corresponding to pepper spray can enable you to guard yourself within the case of an emergency. This could be particularly vital for vulnerable individuals living in cities or areas with high amounts of crime.

Having a whistle on you may be extremely helpful for everybody. It’s because whistles can get people’s attention if there’s an emergency. Moreover, blowing a whistle could temporarily startle an animal or one other dog that’s coming at you. These few moments could allow you and your dog to get to safety.


Nighttime dog walks are each enjoyable and helpful. Whether you’ve got a busy daytime schedule, or you’ve got a reactive dog, dog walking at night doesn’t should be unsafe. Following the following tips will enable you and your dog remain protected while out for evening strolls.

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