Puppy Behavior 20 – 24 Weeks Old


There are numerous changes that you must expect as your beautiful puppy gets older. In this text we are going to deal with your puppy’s development between the age of 20 – 24 weeks of age.

A Step-by-step guide to Puppy Behavior between 20 – 24 weeks of age

Your puppy continues to be going to be energetic and filled with energy and still desperate to learn but he’s going to be greater and possibly a little bit bolder. That is the purpose in your puppy’s behavior and development where you’ll be able to bring all your training together and take stock of every thing that you just you might have each learned. Imagine it or not but that is the purpose where every thing starts to fall into place – so long as you remain consistent and do not calm down an excessive amount of and let any bad habits begin to creep back in.

  • At this point in your puppy’s life you must look to his breed as this may increasingly determine how he behaves
  • Your puppy will start to point out his confidence and independence. That is high quality when out within the park or garden but you could find it problematic when he’s confined to the House – this will present itself in chewing and biting household objects – be vigilant and treatment and problems as they occur.
  • You need to also expect problems in case your pup will not be well exercised and mentally stimulated – keep his toys interesting and latest.
  • Don’t turn out to be too relaxed as toileting accidents may begin to occur – so be vigilant!
  • He may begin to turn out to be a little bit too boisterous and jump up, barge or other rough play. You want to regulate this as accidents can occur and if you might have a big breed they may very well be serious.
  • For those who own a smaller breed of dog he’ll begin to be entering adolescence – so be prepared for hormonal changes that happens when a dog becomes sexually mature. This may occasionally include aggression and scent marking in a male dog and in a female dog (puppy) expect to see the odd toileting problem and even some pooping across the House. Unfortunately this behavior will be around for up to a few years.
  • Male puppies between 20 – 24 weeks may start lifting the leg in the home and have selective hearing when out for a walk.
  • Mood swings are normal for puppies of either sex and concentration problems may occur during hormonal changes.
  • You need to proceed to be pack leader and the dominant male – so eat first and undergo the door first – do not get out of the way in which in case your dog barges you – all of this can assert your authority.
  • As your puppy gets older and larger you must start increasing his exercise.
  • The last of his worming treatments at the moment are due after which every three months.
  • Check whether he must be de-flead.
  • Adult teeth will almost be through so regulate this – clean them on a regular basis with a brush or decent dental dog chews.
  • Your puppy might have his ears plucked to maintain his ear canal clean, tidy and clear.
  • At all times keep your dog stimulated with decent stimulating toys – ensure that the chews and toys are greater in order that he cannot choke.
  • Seek advice from your vet whether your puppy needs to be neutered.
  • It possibly price enrolling on advanced dog training classes.

Hope you enjoyed this quick introduction to this vital stage in puppy behavior and development. In the subsequent article we are going to deal with the developmental stage when your puppy becomes an adult.


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