Potty Training An Older Dog – 7 Practical Suggestions


While some people prefer getting cute, huggable, and lovable puppies, other people like getting a full grown dog as an alternative. Older dogs are likely to be more mature and maybe higher companions, one of the best friend that a human would want.

Nonetheless, some people have qualms about getting an older dog due to common notion that individuals cannot teach old dogs recent tricks, especially potty training. But this will not be actually the case, older dogs can still be potty trained with some vital things in mind.

Listed below are some suggestions for potty training an older dog:

1. When potty training an older dog, your focus must be teaching the dog to eliminate outside, as an alternative of teaching it to not eliminate inside. It is less complicated to show an older dog to DO something as an alternative of NOT DOING something.

If the dog already has an old habit of doing it inside, it might be hard to focus an excessive amount of on eliminating that habit. It’s slightly easier to assist it learn a greater alternative to an old bad behavior.

2. Select a spot where you would like the dog to do its business, corresponding to a small corner within the lawn. It will be easier to potty train an older dog, should you are consistent about where you would like it to poop. Going to the identical place, over and once more, would help the dog learn the appropriate place faster. It also helps should you don’t clean the spot much until your dog learns to go there when it must go potty.

3. Use the identical words in referring to potty. An older dog might get confused should you use different phrases to mean the identical thing. Whenever you want it to go potty, use the very same phrase in order that it might one way or the other change into like a command to do the behavior you would like it to do.

4. Remove every trace of potty accident contained in the house. Dogs’ sense of smell are very keen and the smell of urine or excrement in your home might make it think that it’s the place to go potty. Use a deodorizing cleansing solution to eliminate odors which may keep on with your floors and carpets.

5. Keep your dog’s sleeping area as tight as comfortably possible. Dogs don’t need potty of their sleeping quarters and by keeping the realm barely enough for it to sleep and, possibly, turn around, there could be no space for it to go potty. Ever morning, when the dog wakes up, take it to its regular potty place in order that it might do its business there.

6. Lessen your dog’s food and water intake before it sleeps. This prevents accidents from happening because when your dog is stuffed with water or food while sleeping, it won’t have the capability to manage the decision of nature.

7. Make it easy to your dog to go outside through a doggie door or leaving the back door open. If that is impractical in your area, leave a bell to your dog to succeed in. Take the dog out every time it rings the bell in order that it might know that ringing is a signal for going out.

Whoever says you can’t teach your older dog recent tricks might just be too lazy. Potty training an older dog is indeed possible should you know the following pointers and should you just have the appropriate amount of patience.


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