Pet Assure – Pet and Dog Insurance Review


Pet Assure has a unique approach to protecting your dog’s health and well-being. This just isn’t a dog insurance company, although they don’t provide specific plans that the client can select from. By joining this terrific program the dog owner will have the option to receive 25% off most veterinary visits. Every dog is eligible, unlike the policy of conventional dog insurance firms, no matter age, pre-existing conditions, or genetic or hereditary ailments.

Covered are office visits, all vaccinations and other injections, surgery (including spay/neuter), elective procedures (dental cleansing), hospitalization, and rather more. There isn’t any limit on how much may be spent on anybody procedure. Although most dog insurance providers have a waiting period before your dog is roofed, when you and your dog have joined Pet Assure, the discount may be received immediately.

This program allows the dog owner to select their very own veterinarian. It must be noted, nonetheless, that the veterinarian you select has to already be a participant in this system before the 25% discount on care may be given. When journeying together with your dog, it might be idea to locate participating veterinarians where you shall be going. In case your current veterinarian just isn’t a participant of this system, it is perhaps helpful to clarify this system to them and provides them the possibility to enroll.

The Pet Assure discount is applied on the time of service, and you may pay only 75% of the bill, the 25% discount is given immediately. You won’t ever must take care of a claim form while you and your dog are members of Pet Assure. Not only is there no waiting period for members to take care of, as mentioned above, but there are absolutely no exclusions. There are also no deductibles or incident limits. Any medical condition is roofed, whatever the health or age of your dog.

A worthwhile a part of Pet Assure is their Lost Pet Recovery Service. Upon joining this program, your dog shall be issued with a Pet ID tag containing your individual identification number and the toll free 24/7 Lost Pet Recovery Service telephone number. Once your lost dog is situated and the toll free number called, Pet Assure operators will contact you using the contact information you might have provided. They may keep trying until they’ve spoken to you, to make sure that where to go to retrieve your dog. Higher than a microchip, which must be scanned, the Recovery Service makes it as easy as possible so that you can be reunited together with your dog.

The Pet Assure Single Dog Plan costs $9.95 per thirty days, or $99 per yr. The Family Plan, which covers 4 dogs, costs $13.95 per thirty days and $149 yearly. One other plan, Pet Assure Lite provides the pet tag and merchant discounts with none veterinary discount. This last is perhaps worthwhile to the dog owner who has a dog insurance policy elsewhere.

The Pet Assure program might be best suited to dog owners whose dogs have a pre-existing condition and are ineligible for a daily insurance policy.


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