NHAA! Means Stop in Dog Language – Using Your Voice As a Dog Training Tool


You might not realize that your voice is one of the crucial vital training tools.

You should use your voice in 3 distinct tones.

1. A command tone. This needs to be clear, but firm voice. Don’t shout commands.

Also don’t give a command in a pleading tone. Give the command like you wish him to do it.

2. A praising tone. Praise enthusiastically, using a high pitch, glad sound. Praise him when he does anything right. Your words should vary. If the dog just isn’t you and wagging his tail, you are usually not praising effectively.

3. A correction tone. The sound is NHAA. It needs to be throaty and guttural. Any more it’s best to change your NO to NHAA. Loud just isn’t as vital as deep and difficult sounding. It should sound like a growl.

Probably an important training a human can learn is that this.

When your puppy was born it had a mother. It’s best to do not forget that the mother dog needed to teach the pup just a few things. If the pup nursed too vigorously or chewed on mothers ear, she would growl at him. Growling was her way of telling him NO! Growling means, stop what you’re doing or I’m going to bite you. If the pup would proceed to do those “naughty” things the mom dog might snap at him, give him a bit nip on the muzzle and even grab him by the neck and provides him a delicate shake. All this implies is that the following time mommy growls you higher listen.

As a human we expect dogs can understand us. As you get a brand new puppy it’s best to take off where mommy dog left off. The NHAA sound needs to be done in a lower voice. Like a growl.

If you happen to growl and your puppy ignores you, growl again this time louder. If that also doesn’t work you’ll be able to give a GENTLE shake on the scuff of the neck. Don’t lift the dog off the ground when doing this. I repeat, only a GENTLE shake. We don’t desire to harm the pup,, just make him realize you’re his mom now, and also you mean business.

These 3 forms of tones are very effective. They’re a training tool that you just at all times have with you.

Unlike a clicker or rolled up newspaper. Speaking of rolled up newspaper. The rolled up newspaper might be one other effective tool. For instance. If you happen to dog does something flawed, chews something or has a house breaking accident, you should correct the dog inside the proper timing…because YOU weren’t watching him. Take the rolled up newspaper and hit yourself on the pinnacle 6 times, as you repeat..”I forgot to observe my dog.” Be consistent with this system as I even have seen it work several times. Until you remember to observe your dog. In case your dog laughs at you whenever you hit yourself in the pinnacle, praise him. That is the one time a rolled up newspaper needs to be utilized in training.


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