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After I first began traveling with my dogs, I used to be repeatedly surprised and perplexed by places labeled “pet friendly”.

Continuously, I used to be upset.

It seems that there’s a big difference between let and permit – between pets allowed vs pet friendly.

UPDATED: originally published June 2013

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Pets Allowed vs Pet Friendly

So what’s the difference between pets allowed and pet friendly?

Although “pets allowed” and “pet friendly” are similar terms, they will have barely different meanings.

Pets allowed typically implies that an institution, comparable to a hotel or rental property, allows animals to be brought in and kept on the premises.

This will likely include certain restrictions, comparable to only allowing certain types or sizes of pets, or requiring that pets be kept in certain areas of the property.

There also could also be a hefty pet fee that’s cost prohibitive for many.

I call this the f-you pet fee since the hotel is saying pets are allowed however the super high fee is type of their way of claiming “but we don’t really need your pet to remain here.”

Pet friendly is a step further and typically implies that an institution not only allows pets, but additionally welcomes them and provides amenities or services which might be specifically designed to accommodate them.

This might include things like dog beds, bowls, and even dog treats.

A pet friendly hotel can also have a delegated area for pet relief and could have staff trained to handle pet related situations.

In other words, “pets allowed” means that you may bring your pet with you, while “pet friendly” implies that not only you may bring your pet but additionally the establishment is supplied to handle and cater to your pet’s needs.

One experience feels more like “pet tolerant” and one is welcoming and enjoyable.

All Pets Might Not Be Allowed

Here is one other area where you would likely feel duped or cheated.

Pet friendly fairly often only means dog friendly.

Working within the pet space, I do know many individuals who prefer to travel with cats, hamsters, snakes, birds, etc.

It’s significantly less common to search out a hotel that enables cats, let alone “non-traditional” pets.

You’ll want to read the nice print for those who plan to book a hotel or vacation rental with anything greater than a dog.

There are hotels on the market with very accommodating pet policies.

For instance, the Ashore Hotel in Seaside, Or lists there hotel policy as. “if it suits through the door, it could stay.”

They told me they’d a mini pig stay once.

What Pet Friendly Means to Me

Now that I actually have numerous experience traveling with my dogs, I prefer to call it prefer it is and use different terms to distinguish what pet friendly really means at a selected establishment.

Different terms I exploit are:

  • Dog allowed – the place only allows dogs
  • Pets allowed – cats, and perhaps even a unique kind of pet, are allowed
  • Dog friendly – dogs are welcome and the establishment goes above and beyond to welcome your dog.
  • Pet Friendly – cats, and perhaps even a unique kind of pet, are welcome and the establishment makes an additional effort to welcome them.

I, by far, prefer to remain and patronize truly pet friendly establishments because I prefer to support the flexibility of all pet types to travel with their owners.

But, simply dog friendly will do for my needs.

When a spot is really dog friendly, they love their dog guests and sometimes provide special amenities for them.

This stuff can include:

  • Allowing dogs to remain in guest rooms at no additional cost
  • Allowing well-behaved (quiet) dogs to remain in your room unattended
  • Recognizing that your dog is a component of the family and providing special sheets or blankets for furniture in order that they can sleep and sit with you
  • Providing a delegated pet relief area
  • Offering pet-related items comparable to food and water bowls and a doggie menu
  • Providing, or instructing you methods to access, services comparable to dog walkers and groomers

Sadly, the establishments that even considered one of the items above is few and much between.

Final Thoughts

Pet friendly more often that not simply means dogs allowed.

The establishment may not allow other kinds of pets and should simply tolerate your dog (vs welcoming them with open arms).

The scale of the pet fee at hotels and vacation rentals doesn’t all the time reflect the quantity of accommodations, and luxuries, provided to your pet.

Sometimes I believe that a high fee is meant to discourage pet owners from staying.

Regardless, even for those who hear a spot is pet friendly from a trusted source, you might wish to call ahead to substantiate yourself.

The reality is that a few of these people get their information identical to you and I’d – from the web or word or mouth.

In a really perfect world, they might confirm this information before passing it on but that happens less often than you think that.

Hotel policies don’t change often and rapidly but restaurant policies actually do.

Some restaurants might let dogs onto their patio for some time but discontinue the practice in the event that they get a complaints from patrons or the health department.

One manager on shift may allow dogs but one other may not.

The 2 most significant things to recollect when traveling and attending events along with your pet is to be as prepared as you may and all the time be prepared to vary your plans if needed.

In the event you’re planning an upcoming trip along with your dog, you may want to examine out my articles Best Web sites for Planning a Dog Friendly Vacation and this travel essentials printable checklist.



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