Is Tortitude Real? Tortoiseshell Cat Personality


Tortoiseshell cats are elegant, graceful, and one among the rarest felines on the earth which are affectionately called “torties” by their loving guardians. These cats are called “tortoiseshell” because of their unique coat color, much like a turtle’s shell.

Tortoiseshell cats are so endearing, magnificent, and wonderful pets that they’re popular in lots of homes. Their charming and distinctive coat patterns attract the eye of any visitor at first sight.

So far as the Tortoiseshell cat’s personality is worried, many myths flow into about their behavior, nature, and temperament. On this post, we are going to attempt to work out the reality regarding the personality of Tortoiseshell cats. 

Tortoiseshell Cat Personality (Tortitude)

Like their unique coat color, Tortoiseshell cats are also known for his or her unique personality traits. Many individuals use the word “Tortitude” to explain the unique personality of Tortoiseshell cats. You possibly can consider it a sum of Tortoiseshell and attitude. 

Often, all cats are considered aloof and independent and known for his or her fierceness and unpredictable nature. Though there isn’t a scientific ground to prove this statement, Tortoiseshell is the one form of cat that seems to fulfill these characteristics. 

Our beloved Tortoiseshell cats are known for his or her strong will, independent behavior, and highly opinionated and chaotic nature. As well as, these cats want every little thing to go the best way they like and live their lives as in the event that they are above every little thing; subsequently, sometimes, they’re called “divas of the feline world.” 

Some Tortoiseshell cats (not all) appear to have a confused or split personality, which is playful and affectionate at first and becomes offended or aggressive the subsequent moment with none apparent reason. So every Tortie’s guardian ought to be prepared to confront some undesirable behaviors, equivalent to scratching, swatting, and even nipping. 

Don’t be surprised if you will have noticed that your vet becomes more cautious while dealing along with your Tortie simply because he knows how unpredictable these cats are.

As well as, Tortoiseshell cats are lively, energetic, highly vocal, and curious by nature. Also they are affectionate, develop bond with their guardians, and can meet you on the doorstep each time you come home with their tails raised (an indication of affection, love, and happiness); and follow you in all places in the house. 

As well as, torties are curious and daring enough to roam around and observe every little thing keenly to know what’s happening here when guests are at home. 

Despite all of the above controversies, the torties have loads of fans throughout the globe, which love their affection, friendliness, and energetic nature and ignore their Tortitude

Is Tortitude Real?

Knowing the reply to this query is more interesting than knowing the personality traits of the torties discussed above. Surprisingly, all of the above information relies on the observations of 1000’s of Tortoiseshell cat guardians. Nonetheless, thus far, scientists haven’t found any link between Tortitude and specific Tortoiseshell color patterns on the genetic level. 

As well as, Tortoiseshell will not be a definite feline breed; they are only named based on their color pattern. So we will’t say that they’ve a particular set of traits. Torties are born because of genetic mutation, and cats of many breeds can provide birth to Tortoiseshell kittens (e.g., American Shorthair, British Shorthair, Persian, Cornish Rex, Maine Coon, etc.). Due to this fact individual torties have a lot variation of their behavior; all of it is determined by their parent’s breed and characteristics. 

Moreover, different scientific studies focused on the Tortoiseshell cat’s personality and behavior, carried out independently, concluded that it’s not only Tortoiseshell cats who’re a bit more aggressive and bite, swat, hiss, chase, or scratch while interacting with humans. As a substitute, calico cats (which has similar coat pattern) and cats having a portion of grey or black fur also exhibit such behavior. 


Though Tortitude could also be true to some extent, that’s how nature has designed them. Tortoiseshell cats is probably not suitable for everybody, but that’s true of other feline breeds. As well as, your personality, house environment, and your coping with the cat also determine the cat’s behavior. Hundreds of feline lovers living happily with torties prove that these cats are value keeping. 


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