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Taking road trips with my dogs is considered one of my favorite things to do with them.

We’ve driven over 4,000 miles from Seattle to Arizona, Driven 3,00 miles to southern California, driven to Colorado to hike some 14ers, gone on multi-day road trips in Washington State, and brought a whole bunch of other short trips.

Taking a road trip along with your dog might be really fun however it has it challenges, especially whether it is a protracted road trip.

One of the necessary parts of planning a road trip is deciding how often it is advisable stop and where you’ll stop.

Why It’s Essential to Stop for Frequent Breaks

I do know what it’s wish to get within the zone on a road trip – to simply drive and drive with the will to achieve your destination quicker.

However it’s necessary in your dog (and also you, really) to stop for breaks steadily.

For those who wait too long in between rest stops, it could lead on to:

Medical issues

Dogs have to go potty at regular intervals, and in the event that they’re not in a position to relieve themselves, they could develop bladder or bowel problems, comparable to urinary tract infections or constipation.

Potty accidents within the automobile

Identical to at home, for those who don’t give your dog sufficient potty breaks, they could not give you the chance to carry it and relieve themselves within the automobile.

Motion sickness

Some dogs can only tolerate the motion of the automobile so long before becoming automobile sick.

By stopping steadily enough, it’s possible you’ll give you the chance to interrupt the method.

In the event that they’re not given the chance to get out of the automobile and stretch their legs, the symptoms may worsen.

Since a dog is prone to vomit within the automobile, or develop anxiety and never wish to ride with you again, you would like to prevent this as much as possible.

Restlessness and tedium

Dogs, identical to humans, can get restless and bored during long automobile rides.

In the event that they’re not given the chance to stretch their legs and have a bit of playtime, they could turn into agitated and anxious.

How Often to Stop When Traveling With a Dog

It’s beneficial to stop every 2-3 hours on a road trip with a dog to provide them a probability go potty, have a drink of water, and go on a brief walk to stretch their legs.

Some dogs can also appreciate a probability to play a fast game of fetch or run around in the course of the stops.

The needed frequency of your stops may vary depending on the dimensions and breed of your dog, in addition to their age and fitness level.

For instance, a big dog may give you the chance to go longer with out a break, while a small or senior dog may have more frequent rest stops.

It’s all the time best to seek the advice of along with your veterinarian regarding your dog’s specific needs, to be sure that your road trip is protected and cozy for them.

So how do you remember to stop often enough in your dog?

Methods to Remember to Stop Every 2-3 Hours

Once I drive within the automobile with my dogs, they’re super quiet.

In the event that they will not be each sleeping (which they do more often than not), Summit is watching out the window.

They sit behind the drivers seat in a automobile seat so, for essentially the most part, I can’t see them in the event that they get restless.

It’s easy for me to zone out and drive a protracted distance before remembering to stop for a break.

I even have just a few tricks to remind myself.

Driving with Dogs: The 100-Mile Road Trip Game

To assist me keep in mind that I would like to stop, I wish to play what I call the 100-mile road trip game.

I challenge myself to stop every 100 miles for a break and to seek out something “cool” in the realm to ascertain out.

Sometimes our breaks coincided with a planned stop along the best way, like a scenic area or short trail.

Other times I’ve discovered something I had no idea existed, just like the landmarks below.

Collier Logging Museum, Oregon – 702 yr old Clatsop Fir

Cape Horn Viewpoint, Columbia George, Washington

Jackson House Historic Site, Washington

Historic Caliente Train Depot, Nevada

If the common vehicle speed on the trip is 45 mph, a stop every 100 miles would mean about 2 hours and 10 minutes between breaks.

There are some times I’ve needed to fudge a bit of with the 100 miles because that put us in the course of nowhere on the side of the freeway, but at around 90 miles I start on the lookout for a spot to stop.

We never went greater than about 3.5 hours without pulling over somewhere.

Set a timer

This appears like a no brainer, right?

However it’s easy to get caught up in the liberty of a road trip, get complacent, and forget to set an alarm for the following pit stop.

By setting an alarm or timer, you won’t forget to stop and provides your dog a break.

Plan your route prematurely

Before you hit the road, plan your route and discover pet-friendly rest stops, parks, landmarks, or other areas where you’ll be able to stop and let your dog out.

You should use Google maps to space these stops out to be as frequent as it is advisable stop in your dog.

Regulate your dog

Listen to your dog’s behavior and body language.

In the event that they seem restless, anxious, or uncomfortable, it’s probably time for a break.

Final Thoughts

Taking a road trip along with your dog is fun and an excellent option to strengthen your bond.

Nevertheless, not stopping enough to let your dog go potty, get a drink of water, and stretch their legs may cause medical complications, behavior issues, or lead to a large number within the automobile.

The very best ways to ensure you remember to stop include playing a game with yourself, pre-planning, and setting a reminder.


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