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I feel the Adrift Hotel in Long Beach, Washington is one in every of the best dog friendly hotels in Washington state.

Disclosure: I’ve paid to remain at other Adrift Hospitality properties myself. Nonetheless, on this case, I used to be provided a free stay in exchange for telling you in regards to the Adrift.

Whether you would like take your dog on a weekend getaway, wish to enjoy a soothing week-long vacation along with your dog, or wish to work remotely in a terrific place (a workcation) along with your dog snuggled by your side, definitely take a look at the Adrift Hotel.

Where is the Adrift Hotel Positioned?

The Adrift Hotel is positioned on the Long Beach Peninsula within the southwest corner of Washington State.

It’s roughly 3.5 hours from Seattle, WA and a couple of.5 hours from Portland, OR.

The hotel itself is:

  • Steps from the ocean where you may wander the sandy beaches for hours
  • On the south end of the Long Beach Boardwalk, which is a terrific place to look at the sunset
  • Near a serious entry point to the 8.5 mile paved Discovery Trail you could run, bike, or walk
  • Minutes by automobile, or a 15-minute walk, from downtown Long Beach and the famous arch

Bonus: If you may have an elderly or injured dog that should be pulled in a wagon or pushed in a stroller, the Discovery Trail is an actual gem.

How Long is Long Beach Washington?

Long Beach, Washington is 28 miles, or 45 km, long.

It’s claimed to be the world’s longest beach. Nonetheless, that isn’t exactly true.

It’s not the longest beach (that award goes to a beach in Brazil) however it is the world’s longest continuous peninsula beach and the world’s longest drivable beach.

What Is the Adrift Hotel Pet Policy?

I’m very impressed with the pet policy on the Adrift hotel.

Each room is dog friendly and so they don’t only allow dogs!

From their website, in summary:

“Pets are allowed in all of our rooms… There aren’t any restrictions on pet type or weight – in the event that they can fit through the door, they will stay!”

Hmmm… really? Any animal that may fit through the door?

I made a decision to challenge that and gave them a call.

As suspected, the Adrift Hotel draws the road at animals like cows and miniature horses (unless the mini horse is a service animal – yes, that could be a thing).

The final pet number limit is 3 per room. Nonetheless, it does rely upon the dimensions of the pet.

I used to be told that they might probably limit the number of enormous dogs per room to three. Nonetheless, they could allow 4 small dogs.

I asked about other animal types like cats, hamsters, ferrets, and pot bellied pigs because I actually have some friends who travel with those kinds of pets.

I used to be told they’re welcome so long as the owner can maintain control of them (in a leash or cage) and cleans up after them.

Some general pet policies on the Adrift Hotel:

  • There’s an extra fee of 20 USD per pet
  • Owners must clean up after their pets
  • Pets should be leashed while in any common areas on the property
  • If there may be any evidence of injury done to the rooms by a pet you will probably be charged for repairs

I do wish to note, while doing my research, I got here across a 2018 review on TripAdvisor in regards to the Adrift Hotel claiming it’s not cat friendly.

I’m undecided the context of the comment, or what their experience was during their stick with their cat, or in the event that they even did stay on the hotel, but, based on my conversations, that sentiment is wrong.

Cats are welcome too!

Other Cool Things on the Adrift Hotel that Don’t Should Do With Dogs

Besides being a terrific place to vacation along with your dog on the beach, there are lots of other great things in regards to the Adrift Hotel that don’t should do with dogs.

There’s a covered, heated saline pool, barrel sauna, and spa onsite.

While your dog can’t enjoy those with you (but might be within the seating area for the pool/sauna), you may put your dog within the automobile if it’s cool, or have another person in your party watch them, whilst you make the most of the amenities.

The Adrift Distillery right round the corner that creates craft vodka, gin, whiskey, and cranberry liqueur (the region is one in every of the leading producers of cranberries).

I used to be very impressed with how environmentally conscious the Adrift Hotel is.

There are recyle bins throughout the property and even a small one right in your room.

Shower gel, lotion, and shampoo/conditioner is provided in bulk containers vs being provided in small disposable plastic containers.

They’re also a Social Purpose Corporation and a certified B corp. They value treating their employees and their community right.

Things to Do With Your Dog in Long Beach, WA

Truthfully, I feel the very best thing to do along with your dog in Long Beach is to walk your dog on the beach many times.

It’s all the time pretty and there are all the time things on your dog to smell. Actually, various things may wash up on the beach with each tide cycle.

But in the event you are on the lookout for additional activities to do along with your dog inside half-hour of the Adrift Hotel, listed here are my suggestions:

Clark’s Tree

Visit Clark’s Tree – a bronze memorial sculpture, positioned on the north end of the Discovery Trail – commemorating Lewis and Clark’s journey across North America.

It’s 10 minute drive and short walk or 45 minute walk from the hotel.

Cape Disappointment State Park

Visit Cape Disappointment west of Ilwaco, WA to see the sunshine house and to walk the paths.

It’s a ten minute drive or 1 hour walk along the beach.

Fort Columbia Historical State Park

In case you’re a military and maritime history buff, you won’t wish to miss this.

Fort Columbia State Park was constructed between 1896 and 1903 and is taken into account some of the intact historic coastal defense sites within the U.S

This 618-acre day-use park sits along 6,400 feet of freshwater shoreline on the Columbia River. It’s positioned throughout the accustomed territory of the Chinook Indian Nation and is designated as a National Historic Landmark.

Dogs are welcome on the grounds, and along the two.5 miles of trails, but not in park buildings.

Fort Columbia is a 15 minute drive from the hotel.

Astoria, Oregon

Visit historic Astoria, OR to admire this quaint little historic fishing community within the northwest corner of Oregon.

You’ll be able to stroll along the waterfront to try to spot sea lions on the docks. You’ll likely hear them before you see them.

Drive up the hill to see the 125-foot-tall Astoria Column (Dogs are allowed on grounds but not contained in the tower).

One other focal point is that this town is where a part of the Goonies movie was filmed.

Astoria is a 30-minute drive from the hotel.

What’s the Best Time to Visit Long Beach?

Summer on the beach is usually warm and sunny in order that is when most individuals visit.

But there are down-sides to visiting in the summertime along with your dog.

Hotel rates in the realm are frequently highest in August and September.

Summer can also be when the most important number of individuals vacation on the Long Beach Peninsula.

Meaning there are so much more dogs and youngsters on the beach, which isn’t the best situation if you may have a reactive dog.

That also means, since one in every of the most important draws of Long Beach is the power to drive on it, there may be loads of vehicle traffic you’ll should avoid.

My favorite times to go to Long Beach and stay on the Adrift Hotel are weekdays October through mid April.

The temperatures throughout the fall, winter, and early spring typically range from 50-60 F. And when the sun is out, it will possibly feel so much warmer than that.

Going to the ocean within the colder months means cooler days, and potentially rain and wind, but I like storm watching on blustery beach days.

Dog Friendly Restaurants Long Beach Washington

Unfortunately, there aren’t many dog friendly restaurants in Long Beach.

Generally, those I could find only have outside seating in the summertime.

Also of note, loads of the restaurants are closed mid-week, especially within the off season.

If you ought to eat along with your dog on the Adrift Hotel, you don’t even need to go away your room.

Lucky you though! The Pickled Fish restaurant on the Adrift Hotel will deliver to your room.

The Abbracci Coffee Bar in the center of downtown allows dogs inside but doesn’t serve food.

In the summertime, you may sit at one in every of the 12 outside tables on the Cove Restaurant (bonus: they’ve a Patio Pup menu).

There are a pair tables at Captain Bob’s Chowder.

Would I Recommend the Adrift Hotel to Other Dog Lovers?

Yes, I’d absolutely recommend the Adrift Hotel to any of my friends with dogs.

And owners of several other kinds of pets for that matter!

I really like that their pet policy is so generous. Actually, I can be willing to bet it’s some of the accommodating pet policy on the market.


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