Feeding Your Dog Without Breaking the Bank


One in all the largest costs related to dog ownership is food. Some expenses are negotiable. Your dog will probably sleep just as comfortably on an old, folded up comforter as that expensive memory foam dog bed, but good food is a necessity.

To maintain dogs joyful and healthy, owners should provide them with food comprised of top quality ingredients that meet the life-style requirements of the person pet (e.g., puppies need puppy food and chubby pets ought to be on calorie-restricted diets). There may be a component of “you get what you pay for” with pet food, so higher quality foods do are inclined to be dearer. But, with just a little bit little bit of effort, owners can save a variety of money without compromising their pets’ health. Here’s how.

Pick Your Dog Food Correctly

Dogs do best once they are on a consistent weight loss plan. People like variety of their meals, but there is no such thing as a profit to continuously switching the kind of food you feed your dog. This can even increase the danger that a dog will grow to be finicky, at all times waiting for the subsequent tasty tidbit that may include tomorrow’s meal.

Most dogs thrive once they eat top quality, but not necessarily super-premium dog foods. In case you don’t eat organic, does your dog have to? And a few manufacturers spend an awful lot of cash on marketing area of interest products, for instance foods which might be supposedly designed for particular breeds. You pay a premium for these formulations, but in all honesty, they’re overkill for most people inside the breed.

So search for a pet food that’s moderately priced but still accommodates ingredients that sound like real food. Two brands that fall into this category are Iams and Purina One. These products even have the advantage of being widely available.

Comparison Shopping and Coupons

Once you’ve got found a food that works well in your dog, comparison shop. Prices can vary widely between retailers. Consider becoming a member of a wholesale operation like Costco or Sam’s Club. These corporations will often allow you to into their facilities as a guest so you’ll be able to try what they provide. Walmart, Goal, and Kmart also are inclined to have good prices on pet food, as can the big pet retailers like Petsmart and Petco. Generally, you pays more for food on the smaller pet boutiques, but they do are inclined to carry a wider number of premium or specialty pet foods. Do not forget to join any reward programs that the stores offer.

Look ahead to advertisements run by your local retailers; pet food often goes on sale. And keep your eyes open for coupons. Online sites like retailmenot.com or couponcabin.com are a very good solution to carry on top of current offers. Simply Googling your pet food’s name with the word “coupon” is one other easy solution to see what’s available. The manufacturer’s own website is one other excellent resource. Many offer coupons to encourage people to try their products.


In case you’ve found a superb price in your dog’s food, refill if you’ve got the space for storing. Most pet foods have a shelf lifetime of around a yr. Check the expiration date on the bag, and buy as much as you think that your pet will eat by that point. As a general rule of thumb, larger bags of food are much cheaper by weight and volume compared to the smaller bags, and dry food is at all times cheaper than canned.

Don’t Forget the Web

While lots of us use the web to buy, buying pet food online is in its infancy. But, this is usually a convenient and low-cost solution to get lots of your pet supplies, including food.

The massive comparison shopping sites like nextag.com and shopping.yahoo.com are an incredible solution to find the bottom prices on food. Simply type in the precise product you’re searching for, and voila, up pops all the knowledge you wish. Be sure that that you just are comparing apples to apples, nevertheless. Look that the costs all correspond to the identical size bag of food and do not forget so as to add in shipping costs for those sites that do not offer free shipping and tax, if applicable.

Amazon.com offers a big range of pet food, as do the key pet retailers petco.com and petsmart.com. Other options to think about include petfooddirect.com, petflow.com, 1800petmeds.com, and nationalpetpharmacy.com. In case you are having trouble finding a web site where you’ll be able to order your dog’s food, go to the manufacturer’s website. Many have links to retailers that supply their foods.

Beware, nevertheless of fly-by-night web sites. Shop only from reputable retailers to make sure you receive top quality products, not knock-offs. The web sites must have a prominently displayed customer support phone number. Call and ask a couple of questions. You simply wish to get a feel for his or her legitimacy and customer support. You can too see customer rankings on sites reminiscent of Yelp.com or look up an organization on the Higher Business Bureau’s website bbb.org.

Special Situations

Some dogs do require very specific diets to administer medical problems, and these products are inclined to be dearer than typical dog foods. In case your pet is on a prescription weight loss plan, you’ll be able to still shop around. You shouldn’t have to purchase the food directly out of your veterinarian; she or he must offer you a written prescription if you happen to ask for one. Most of the web sites mentioned above (e.g., petfooddirect.com and nationalpetpharmacy.com) sell each over-the-counter and prescription diets.

In case you feed your dog a homemade weight loss plan, use the identical techniques to cut back cost that you just use when purchasing for your personal groceries. When meat goes on sale, buy quite a bit and freeze it. Frozen vegetables may be used instead of fresh and stored for for much longer periods of times. But do not be tempted to purchase low quality ingredients or make unapproved substitutions to what would otherwise be a nutritionally balanced recipe. All these changes may lower your expenses within the short term, but often result in health problems and expensive treatments in the long term.

In conclusion, you never want to stint in your dog’s food, but there’s nothing fallacious with spending your money correctly.


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