Fecal Contamination in Our Produce and Food Source


Foreign grown produce is usually times grown in areas where sewer treatment plants are few and sometimes times the food crops are watered with contaminated fecal sewer water, thus making the one that ingests the produce sick with zoonotic infections like respiratory illness, flu like symptoms and asthma,allergies etc.. Our winter time produce crop was grown primarily in greenhouse environments until the “cloning ” scare got press coverage etc. and our winter time produce crops began being grown in foreign countries etc. where sewer treatment plants are few is non-existent. Steadily a few of our frozen food crops and summer and spring produce crops are being grown outside the u.s.a. also,increasing the variety of zoonotic infections within the u.s.a. to all time highs and making a “malaise” over our society typically.Rising our health care bills and lost work time. I personally didn’t feel right or healthy until I did in actual fact put one tablespoon of real clove powder in a bowl of hot cereal and expectorated a softball size etc., and stopped putting fecal contaminated food crops in my body, especially foreign grown juice and banana’s. The clove powder is spicy hot but price it!! —Stay by a toilet!! . Our garden areas are also a source of zoonotic fecal contamination with the cat doo and dogs using the garden areas or soil. Contaminated water in garden areas are also an element etc together with rodents eating pet food and using the garden soil etc. Rule 1–In case you don’t understand how the food is grown-don’t eat it!!! Be certain your garden areas haven’t got access to pets or cat doo–having a dog go under a lemon tree is a visit to the hospital with respiratory arrest after eating the lemons.

When you stop putting fecal contaminated food in your food plan, you will feel like a brand new born child etc. Fast in your feet etc.–mix fecal contaminated food with other toxins in our diets and environments and its a knock out punch. Have any friends which are affected by asthma and allergies mostly within the winter time and fall when most of our produce is available in from foreign sources etc.—tell them in regards to the clove powder cure and I guarantee it’ll change their lifes for the better–foreign grown juice is the worst fecal contaminated product on our markets shelves today-make sure you drink only florida grown juice etc.


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