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Does your Dachshund like to lay next to you on the couch?

If the doorbell rings, otherwise you rise up, with out a gentle way in your Dachshund to get off the couch, they should jump right down to get to the door or follow you to the opposite room.

Since Dachshunds are brave and athletic, their jump is usually like a flying leap.

This repeated impact could cause injury or health issues down the road.

Why Your Dachshund Needs a Ramp

Dachshunds like to cuddle with their owners so which means they’re incessantly up on the couch and other furniture across the home.

Dachshunds are also brave and daring. Because of this they won’t think twice about launching themselves off of said furniture.

This shouldn’t be good because Dachshunds are susceptible to back problems.

Although nearly all of Dachshund back injuries have an underlying genetic cause (IVDD), repetitive and excessive impact from jumping can trigger a disk rupture and result in things like arthritis later in life.

I believe all Dachshund owners should determine between not letting their pup on the furniture in any respect (which may be very, impossible to occur with a Dachshund) or giving them a protected option to get on and off it.

In case your Dachshund has already suffered a back injury once, it’s imperative that you simply provide a low-impact way in your dog to get on and off furniture to assist prevent flare-ups or one other injury.

Are Ramps or Stairs Higher for Dachshunds?

While each are higher than nothing in any respect, there are some things you need to consider when selecting between stairs or a ramp in your Dachshund.

  • Are they more more likely to use stairs or a ramp?
  • Is a static height okay or do you wish adjustable to suit different furniture heights?
  • Would you prefer it to collapse for storage or travel?
  • How much floor space do you’ve gotten?

To enable you to think through these questions in additional detail, please read this text explaining the benefits of a ramp over stairs in your Dachshund.

For my dogs, I actually have determined that I prefer a ramp over stairs.

In case you might be wondering, that is how I “trained” my Dachshunds to only use the ramp

I discovered that they were less more likely to use the steps.

Their movement up and down the steps looked awkward because they couldn’t step naturally – that they had to match their stride with the number and width of stairs.

A Dachshund will at all times work out the best and most comfortable option to so something.

Within the case of couch stairs, which means my Dachshunds often selected to leap OVER the steps, making the jump greater and the impact on their spine worse!

Why the DoggoRamps Dachshund Dog Ramp is One in every of the Best Ramps Out There

Disclosure: DoggoRamps sent us a ramp to try so we could let you know what we thought. It’s not the couch ramp we frequently use. The links to buy below are affiliate links (Amazon and Etsy), which suggests we receive a small commission on qualifying purchases.

I’ve seen many couch dog ramps with my very own eyes and tried several for my Doxies through the years.

Most, at best, have been mediocre quality. At worst, they were low-cost and dangerous.

In my expert Dachshund-owner opinion, I believe DoggoRamps makes probably the greatest couch (and bed, see below) ramps for Dachshunds on the market.

That is what sets the DoggoRamps apart to me:

  • They were designed specifically for Dachshunds
  • They’re constructed of solid wood
  • They’re manufactured in North America (Canada to be exact)
  • There are 4 height/angle adjustments (on the small couch ramp)
  • They will be folded flat for storage
  • They’re covered with a grippy, soft yoga-mat like material
  • They’re available in 5 different wood colours to match your decor

what else makes them awesome? They were designed by Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund’s Dad!

That’s right, these were created for a really special, famous dog.

Where to Buy the DoggoRamps Couch Ramp?

There are several places you should purchase a DoggoRamps ramp in your Dachshund or other small dog.

You possibly can add the DoggoRamp to your cart the subsequent time you take a look at on Amazon.

In the event you’re into shopping frequently for handmade goods, you should purchase the DoggoRamps Couch Ramp on Etsy.

Do I Need a Dachshund Ramp for My Bed?

Almost everyone I do know lets their Dachshund on the couch. That’s why I believe having a ramp for the couch is a must.

Nonetheless, not everyone lets their Dachshund on the bed.

They might not allow them into the bedroom in any respect or put them in a crate to sleep.

Nonetheless, in case your Dachshund is allowed on the bed, I believe a dog ramp for the bed is mandatory too.

It’s actually more necessary since the height of most beds is taller than the seat of the couch – sometimes double!

I believe allowing your Dachshund to frequently jump up and doing is outright being reckless with their health. #SorryNotSorry

DoggoRamps sells the identical high-quality small dog ramps for beds too.

They’ve similar features to the couch ramp but additionally have safety railings (because the top of the ramp is higher).

Personally, I don’t use a ramp to assist my Dachshunds get safely on and up and doing.

Our bedroom may be very small and there isn’t any space for a ramp (the bed ramps are larger than the couch ramps). But not letting my Dachshund sleep with me isn’t an option.

As an alternative, I opted to set my mattress and box spring directly on the ground, thus making a low-budget, and low height, platform bed.

But for those who’re not into putting your bed on the ground, you should purchase a bed ramp for small dogs from DoggoRamps here:

Final Thoughts

In the event you own a Dachshund, providing a ramp or stairs for them to get on and off furniture is a must.

The couch and bed ramps made by DoggoRamps are probably the greatest quality ramps I’ve found.


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