Dog Training – Teach Your Dog “Off”


I personally think that one in all the largest problems dog owners have is jumping. Jumping on them, friends, family, furniture and counters is an enormous problem for plenty of people.

Teaching your dog the word “Off” could be a very effective technique to take care of this problem. The large mistake I see often is telling the dog “Down” when he jumps. If a dog owner uses the command “down” once they want their dog to put down they mustn’t use it when their dog jumps. It’s a lot better to make use of the command “Off.”

Get off the couch, off the counter, off of me. Off is first taught on the couch. I all the time put a leash on the dog after which invite him onto the couch. Once there, I give the command OFF.

If the dog refuses to maneuver, I then pick up the leash and gently help the dog off the couch. I repeat this time and again until I now not must touch the leash.

Once the dog jumps off the couch with no assistance from me, I give a lot of praise and rewards. I then move on to counters and folks, all the time using the leash to get the dog to follow through with the command after which using plenty of rewards for doing the command.

A leash could be a very useful training tool for teaching the Off command. It will provide you with some control when your dog starts to leap

Try it out and you may be surprised at how briskly your dog will learn this.


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