Dog Training – How To Teach Your Dog To Fetch


I used to be on my first lesson with a pleasant couple that had just adopted a 3 12 months old Golden Retriever. We went out within the backyard to do some obedience training and exercise with their dog. At one point, the wife picked up a tennis ball, got the dog excited and threw the ball. The Golden checked out the ball, checked out the wife and didn’t budge an inch toward the ball.

The wife, taking a look at her dog, checked out the ball and went to get the ball. When she got back I told her that it was all backwards, that when she throws the ball the dog is purported to retrieve the ball. We each had a great laugh and commenced to show her dog to fetch.

Teaching your dog to fetch is a superb activity. A dog that retrieves tends to get more exercise than a dog that does not. With a retriever, it is simple so that you can just stand in a single spot and throw a ball to your dog. A number of dogs prefer to chase after the ball and produce it towards the owner. When the dog gets close enough, he/she starts to play keep away. You may get your dog to provide you the ball by having two tennis balls with you.

Throw the primary ball and let your dog go after it. When your dog starts to come back towards you, ask your dog to “drop it.” In case your dog doesn’t drop the ball, stop paying any attention to your dog and take out the second ball.

Begin to rejoice with the second ball. Toss it up within the air. Act such as you’re having an amazing time with the second ball. Keep doing this until your dog looks at you. When you’ve done this step accurately, your dog will drop the ball that he/she has and look up on the one you might have.

As soon as your dog drops his/her ball, show the ball you are holding to your dog. As soon as your dog focuses on the ball that you simply’re holding, throw it. Repeat the method when your dog comes back to you. Inside a brief time period, you’ll need your dog retrieving for you.

Dogs love chase games. After they have a ball of their mouth and also you try and take it away out of your dog, your dog will play keep away with the ball. You’ll want to outsmart your dog through the use of the second ball.

Give it a try.


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