Dog Clicker Training: Stop Your Dog’s Digging


You come home at some point and also you discover your backyard looks just like the moon – filled with craters! And your garden? Well say good bye to your newly planted flowers. One of the vital common dog problems every owner encounters at one point or one other is dog digging. Dogs like to dig! Whether it’s within the garden, the backyard, under the fence, and even in a cat litter box, your pooch will naturally dig sometimes. Listed below are just a few ways you’ll be able to stop your dog from digging.

Do Not Punish

A very powerful rule you should learn is to avoid punishment. Especially once you don’t catch your pooch within the act of digging, he won’t understand why he’s being punished. Remember, digging is a natural motion for them (as pooping anywhere is to birds and scratching is to cats) so your pet won’t understand why you’re punishing him for it. It is advisable understand why your dog is digging to have the opportunity to resolve the issue.

Keep Dog Lively

Considered one of the the explanation why dogs dig is due to boredom. To avoid this, make it a habit to walk and play together with your pets. Keep them lively as most dogs need every day exercise and activity. Keeping your pooch busy whilst you should not around can also be a very important factor to contemplate. Get him activity toys that can keep him busy for long periods of time. There are a great variety of activity toys that can keep your dogs busy physically and mentally.

Fence it

If there are specific areas you don’t want your pet to get to, fence it. Areas resembling your flower bed need protection especially from curious k9s that love the smell of fertilizer and newly dug soil. Using sprinklers may additionally help as most pets hate getting wet. If you see your pooch heading for the plants, activate the sprinklers!

Don’t Keep Your Dog Out

Dogs dig for shelter. They could be hot and try to chill off by digging a hole and getting their bodies in a cooler temperature. In the identical manner, dogs dig when it is just too cold as soil temperature is warmer. Make sure that your pooch has a shed he can stay in and a number of water to drink during hot days and do not keep your pet out during rainy and winter days.

Construct Your Dog a Digging Corner

It could be a great idea to make your dog an area where he can dig all he wants! Construct an area and chances are you’ll opt to cover treats underground. This can encourage your dog to dig in that area.

Put What He Hates on Each Hole

Things like his poop or cayenne pepper powder would discourage your pet from digging. Chances are you’ll also opt to place chicken wire right under the highest most layer of soil so when your dog starts to dig, his nails would immediately get contact with the chicken wire.

Train Your Dog

Basic obedience training will provide help to communicate together with your dog. Dog clicker training is an efficient option to do that. Being a training method that pushes positive reinforcement through rewards, your pooch will love following you and learning latest things.


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