Dog Clicker Training Secrets Revealed


I feel I even have just zeroed in on why dog clicker training is so successful with the canine population. No offense intended, but I even have come to the conclusion that dogs and humans have loads in common. I even have noticed that, similar to you, we canines respond very positively to food, praise, games, and all types of other good things.

There may be a reason why we have now earned the status of being man’s best friend. In actual fact, there may be a couple of reason: we’re each very smart; we’re masters at socializing; but above and beyond all that, we’re positive thinkers.

Dog Behavior To Treats

Have you ever ever noticed how easy it’s to tie your dog’s behavior to treats? After all you’ve. But have you ever ever considered tying treats to clicker training? No? That is strictly the conclusion I got here to last night as I used to be lying in bed.

You see, many dog owners take the simple way out and try to train their dogs by punishing them. In the long term, it simply is not going to work, because Rover will just not understand why he’s being punished for something he did a minute or two ago (that is one point where you and I even have nothing in common: our memory span is form of on the short side).

But even for those who are lucky and occur to catch him within the act and Rover understands that he has done something flawed, punishing him will accomplish nothing by way of showing him what was the correct thing to do. That’s where the clicker is available in.

What Is Dog Clicker Training?

Dog clicker training is essentially a positive reinforcement method of coaching your dog. When Rover does something right, you give him a treat and praise him, and also you click your clicker at the identical time. He’s learning by association, in order that every time he hears your clicker, he knows he has done something right. The following step is to take the treats out of the image, while maintaining the praise. A very good weight loss program of clicks and praise will ensure Rover’s behavior keeps improving.

Perhaps I would like to backtrack here a bit of and explain what a clicker is. A clicker is a plastic box with a clicking metal strip built into it. It is vitally easy to make use of and, when you understand the basics of clicker training in dogs, you’ll little question find all types of ways you need to use your clicker.

A clicker makes an amazing tool for obedience training. For instance, you can use a clicker when you’re twiddling with Rover: teach him to bring the ball back to you, or to drop it.

Positive Behavior Modification Training For The Timid Dog

You may use a clicker for positive behavior modification training to spice up a timid dog’s confidence as an illustration. But do you realize that a clicker could even save your dog’s life? Allow us to say your dog likes running outside each time you open the door, you can use clicker training to show him to stop on the door. Are you able to see why punishment may not work as well here?

Clicker Training for Dog Training And Puppy Training Too

As soon as your recent puppy is sufficiently old to start out training (around six to eight weeks of age), use your clicker to get off on a positive note. One can find that the 2 of you’ll bond much faster if you deal with rewarding him for his good behavior as a substitute of punishing him for his mistakes. You’ll soon make a confident pooch out of him, and a pleased one at that.

Now that you simply appreciate the role of clicker training in dog training and puppy training, don’t simply assume that treats are redundant. Even when Rover not needs dog treats to exhibit good behavior, he will definitely appreciate getting an occasional tasty tidbit, simply because he’s such dog…


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