Cat Trilling: Why Do Cats Trill? Meaning Behind


All feline guardians know cats communicate or express their emotions through body language or by making different noises. Most of us are accustomed to cats’ different voices, including meowing, purring, hissing, growling, etc. Nonetheless, there’s one other sound called “Trilling,” though cats don’t produce this sound fairly often. Cats trill on special occasions for somebody they love. 

Suppose you’re an excellent cat parent and have an ideal bond together with your fluffy friend. In that case, your cat may thrill at you, but you would possibly not notice because trilling can easily be confused with other sounds.

However, should you just heard your cat making an odd voice that he normally doesn’t make, and you are attempting to determine why. First, feel proud because you have got a special place in your cat’s eye. Now, allow us to explain what trilling is, what it feels like, why cats trill, and what it means. 

What’s Cat Trilling & What Do Trilling Sounds Like

Trilling (sometimes called chirping) is a high-pitched, repetitive sound that sometimes feels like a mix of meow and purr. Unlike other voices, a trilling sound is made with a closed mouth and occurs in brief bursts. Some people find it just like the sound of a pigeon, while others explain trilling as a rolling R sound, like “Burrrr.” Nonetheless, listening to the sound on your personal for a greater understanding is healthier. 

Cat Trilling Sound

Why Does a Cats Trill & What Does Cat Trilling Mean?

Though the explanation behind a cat’s trilling is just not precisely known, feline experts consider that trilling is related to positive emotions like happiness, comfort, love, trust, and ease. Some possible reasons for trilling are listed below. 


More often than not, cats trill to greet the person they love. Cats generally trill when their favorite person enters the home or room, so you possibly can interpret it as hi, welcome, glad to see you, etc. 

Typically, cats learn this behavior from their moms during kittenhood, when their moms used to trill to specific their love and affection for them. Since they associate this sound with love, care, affection, and happiness from kittenhood, cats trill once they see an individual or animal they like.

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Searching for Your Attention

Along with greeting or expressing their affection, cats might also trill to draw your attention. You possibly can interpret their trilling higher when pairing their body language with trilling. When you are busy with some task and your feline friend is repeatedly trilling, he may ask you to pet her, play together with her, or spend a while together with her. 

Suppose your fluffy companion looks at you intently while trilling and concurrently moves away from you. In that case, it signifies that he has noticed or seen something strange and needs you to follow her. 

Some cats might also head butt against you, move around you, or wrap their tails around your legs while trilling. Such gestures and trilling indicate that your cat wants your attention. 

Desires to Mate

Some female cats also trill to draw male cats once they are in heat and able to mate. 

What if My Cat Never Trills?

It’s not necessarily that each one cats trill to specific their love for his or her guardians. As mentioned above, cats learn this behavior from their moms during kittenhood, mainly between 2-7 weeks of age. So if a kitten is kept without its mother or any adult cat during this era, he is not going to learn easy methods to trill and should never trill in the longer term. 


Trilling is considered one of many sounds cats make to speak with other cats, animals, or humans. Nonetheless, cats normally don’t trill as often as they make different feels like meow, purr, hiss, growl, etc. 

Most cats trill to greet and express affection and love for his or her favorite person. As well as, cats might also trill to draw your attention. So if that is the primary time you hear your cat trilling, be glad because you might be a special person to your cat.


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