Can Dogs Eat Sweet Potato Skin? Advantages & Risks


The sweet-tasting potato is a superfood that originated in Central America about 5000 years ago.

You will have noticed that sweet potatoes are also a standard ingredient in pet food so as to add extra fiber for a well-balanced eating regimen.

In humans, the sweet potato promotes gut health, a robust immune system and it helps improve your hair and skin.

But for what reason are we adding it to our dog’s food and might dogs eat sweet potato skin?

Sweet potato skin is healthy for dogs and could be fed in moderate amounts after it’s cooked.

The fiber, minerals, vitamins A, C, and E and far more will add to your dog’s overall healthy eating regimen.

Is Sweet Potato Skin Good for Dogs?

Sweet potato, normally, is basically useful to your dog and provides him with essential dietary fiber that mainly comes from the peel.

Unlike corn or unhealthy fillers, sweet potato is an entire food with high-quality fiber and advantages reminiscent of improved digestion and healthy weight balancing.

Similar to in fruits or vegetables, the skin of a sweet potato is full of essential nutrients and minerals that support the well being of your dog.

Due to this fact, removing the sweet potato skin will decrease the nutrient intake.

Sweet potato skin comprises:

Nutrient Profit
Vitamin A Maintains muscles, healthy skin and eyes
Vitamin C Boosts the immune system, aids in recovery from an illness
Vitamin E Slows aging process and increases cell life
Protein Builds tissue and maintains muscles, skin and bones
Fiber Aids healthy digestion and lowers the danger of heart diseases and diabetes
Potassium Controls blood sugar levels and regulates muscle contraction
Antioxidants Act as radical scavenger
Magnesium Needed for calcium absoprtion to take care of bone health
Calcium For healthy heart, muscles, bones and nerves
Iron Boosts immune system, reduces fatigue and treats anemia
Phosphorus Helps kidneys, repairs tissue and builds strong bones

Now that your dog can have sweet potato skins, it’s worthwhile to learn methods to properly prepare it.

Be sure to thoroughly scrub the skin with warm water and look out for any mold or dirt.

Preferably select organic sweet potatoes or buy them directly from the farmer.

If you may have a house garden and judge to plant your individual sweet potatoes for the perfect quality then ensure that to maintain them away out of your pets.

The vines of sweet potatoes are extremely poisonous to dogs.

Even small amounts can result in severe reactions like hallucinations, seizures or vomiting.

In case your dog has been around sweet potato vines and is displaying any symptoms, bring him to the vet immediately.

All in all, sweet potato skin comes with many advantages but some dogs may find it harder to digest.

So start by feeding tiny amounts to see in case your dog has any negative reactions to them.

Can Dogs Have Raw Sweet Potato?

Dogs should never eat raw sweet potatoes.

They’re tougher to chew and will cause a blockage if swallowed in whole.

The containing trypsin inhibitors will give your dog a tough time digesting protein.

In the course of the cooking process, the dietary fiber and starch are broken down for straightforward digestion.

So all the time be sure that the sweet potatoes are well cooked and with none additives.

Cook Sweet Potato for Dogs

This is applicable to every part you prepare to your dog: never add any butter, oil or seasoning to the food.

Those things are only suitable for human food and can cause severe digestive upset in your dog.

You’ll be able to either boil or bake a sweet potato with the skin on or removed.

Boiling sweet potatoes in water will take about 10-12 minutes or until they’re soft and edible.

Allow them to cool down completely before offering them to your dog.

Sweet Potato Dog Recipe

There are many dog treat recipes that either contain or completely consist of sweet potato which makes it very difficult to decide on one.

So listed below are a few of my favorites:

If I’m not within the mood for baking then I’ll treat my dog along with her absolute favorite Healthful Pride Sweet Potato Chews.

They’re 100% pure sweet potato and taste amazing.

How Much Sweet Potato Can I Feed My Dog?

You’ll be able to actually overfeed a dog with fiber, resulting in health issues reminiscent of vomiting, diarrhea, flatulence and weight reduction.

Due to this fact sweet potato skin should only be fed moderately.

Start by adding small amounts to your dog’s every day meals and feed them occasionally.

You’ll be able to either throw just a few sliced pieces of boiled sweet potato to your dog’s meal or you may give him the chews as a treat.

Can Dogs Eat Sweet Potato Fries?

Store-bought sweet potato fries are definitely not suitable to your dog as they contain a lot oil, fat and salt.

But you may definitely make some DIY dog fries.

For this recipe you will want:

  1. Organic honey
  2. Two sweet potatoes
  • Preheat the oven at 400° and lay out a baking paper on a tray.
  • Slice the sweet potatoes into strips, spread them on the baking tray and drizzle over the honey.
  • Give them a superb mix together with your hands and place them within the oven for about half-hour or until crispy.
  • Flip the fries over in between to bake them evenly.

Sweet Potato Alternatives

But what in case your dog doesn’t appear to just like the taste of sweet potato or he could have issues digesting it?

One in every of the most important fiber alternatives is pumpkin.

It has similar dietary advantages to the sweet potato and, depending in your dog’s needs, it’d actually be the higher option.

I do know that many dog owners struggle with their pet’s weight.

Pumpkin has significantly fewer calories in comparison with the sweet potato but they will not be available all year-round.

So that you either must go together with the canned version like this pure pumpkin for pets or you should have to opt for an additional alternative.

Carrots are a good higher source of fiber and nutrients with fewer calories than the sweet potato.

In higher doses, this amount of fiber may cause stomach upset so ensure that so as to add somewhat little bit of coconut oil or fish oil for higher absorption.

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Disclaimer: This blog post doesn’t substitute veterinary attention and doesn’t intend to achieve this. I’m not a veterinarian or pet nutritionist. In case your dog shows any sign of illness, call your vet.


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