Calico Cat Personality: More Than Meets the Eye


On this post, we’ll discuss the personality traits of essentially the most colourful felines on the globe, “The calico cats.” Yes, calico cats are certainly one of the few cats with such diverse variations of their coat color patterns, and you’ll never find two calico cats of the identical pattern. 

Mostly calico cats are present in a mix of black, white, and orange; nonetheless, they may additionally are available in different shades of red, blue-black, cream, or chocolate brown.

So far as calico cats’ personalities and other behavioral characteristics are concerned, many feline parents consider that calico cats exhibit certain distinct traits, like being more stubborn and aggressive than other cats. Let’s determine how accurate these rumors about calico cats are.

Calico Cat Personality Characteristics

Generally, many individuals say calico cats are more strong-willed, aggressive, fiery, spunky, and assertive than other cats. In a survey conducted by a team of vets from the University of California, 1200 feline guardians were asked questions on their cats’ behavior and personality traits. Many calico cat guardians (and even some breeders) reported that these cats are a bit more difficult to handle than others. As well as, calico cats have a bit more attitude and live independently in comparison with other solid-colored cats. 

Despite the rumors mentioned above, calico cats are the favourite pets of hundreds of feline lovers who claim that their cats are endearing, affectionate, playful, and like to spend time with their owners. Though they might be difficult to handle, they make an incredible companion. 

So What’s The Truth?

Only a limited variety of cat guardians were within the survey mentioned above, and the conclusion was based on the assumptions of their observations or experience. As well as, the guardian’s opinions could also be influenced by the rumors circulating in society. 

So we are able to’t take it to guage a specific cat’s color and personality. No scientific data is obtainable to prove the link between a calico cat’s coat color and personality or behavior on the genetic level. 

At this point, it’s price mentioning that “calico” shouldn’t be a particular cat breed. As a substitute, the name is given to the actual tricolor coat pattern (that generally results from random mutations on the genetic level). Many cat breeds can provide birth to a calico cat. How a kitten behaves also depends upon their parents’ breed and temperament. Since so many cat breeds can provide birth to calico kittens, this explains the variety of their coat color and personality traits. 

It has also been observed that cats with coat patterns resembling calico (e.g., tortoiseshell cats), or cats having dark patches on their coat (black or brown), exhibit similar personality traits like stubbornness, strong will, aggressiveness, more attitude, etc. 

Moreover, like humans or every other pet, every calico cat is distinct and has its personality. As mentioned above, many calico cats are friendly, calm, affectionate, and playful companions and go well even in families with kids. 

Breeds That Can Give Birth to Calico Kittens

Knowing that so many breeds can provide birth to calico kittens, it’s easier to enlist the feline breeds that never produce a calico kitten. Solid color cats (like Siamese, Russian blues, etc.) are included on this list. Some familiar parents of calico cats are listed below. 


From the above discussion, we are able to safely conclude since calico shouldn’t be a definite breed, we are able to’t say that they exhibit a specific set of traits. Every calico cat is different, and its personality is decided by the breed and genetics of its parents. 

Nonetheless, as whole calico cats make great companions with hundreds of fans throughout the world. Even when there’s some truth within the survey based on the owner’s opinions or rumors mentioned above, selecting a calico over a solid color only increases your possibilities slightly of getting a fiery, furry companion. 

Should you live with a Calico cat, allow us to find out about their personality within the comments. We’d love to listen to about your kitty!


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