Best Rated Dog Food? – Industrial Pet Food – The Shocking Truth Concerning the Bad Ingredients They Use


Best rated pet food? Learn the danger of economic pet food and why you must slightly make your personal pet food.

I’m sure every dog owner wants only the very best for his or her pets. All of us love and cherish our dogs and would never dream of harming them. The reality is we’re all feeding them poison in the shape of economic pet food. We’re slowly but surely killing the very pets love and protect.

Ever wondered why some dogs life spans are so short, or why some get so sick and diseased?

You would not imagine what’s within the business pet food products we buy. A lot of us trust the pet food suppliers and usually buy on price. Now we have no idea what the actual ingredients are contained in the packets or containers.

The reality is totally disturbing. The so called balanced nutritious meals we buy are loaded with all forms of bad chemicals, preservatives and dangerous ingredients.

Did you understand some pet food is created from road kill animals and euthanized strays of varied animals?

In LA, nearly 25% of the processed pet food comes from the above road kill and euthanized animals, can you suspect it!

This makes me sick to think that we feed our animals with diseased dead animal parts.

They use Sodium Pentobarbital, which is used to euthanize the animals. This chemical continues to be present within the carcases after they make the pet food, and stays within the food. The dosage is but continues to be present within the food. Dog manufactures also use Ethoxyguin (EQ) of their pet food to preserve the food. The business pet food is stuffed with chemicals and preservatives which might never pass for human consumption. Does this still sound dietary?

This is smart when you concentrate on all of the common problems dogs have, that are much like symptoms humans have when poisoned.

Common dog problems include the next.

  • Kidney and bladder cancer
  • Stomach cancer
  • Major organ failure
  • Birth defects
  • Blindness
  • Chronic Diarrhea
  • Hair loss

Should you want you dogs and puppies to live longer, happier and healthier, then you have to start making your personal pet food. Should you follow special recipes and health plans, your pets can live nearly twice as long if you happen to are prepared to do that.

They’re very easy to make and there are easy methods of creating handmade pet food quickly. The simplest way is to make pet food in bulk and to freeze it. I do that and it saves me money and offers me piece of mind knowing that I’m not poisoning my dogs. They get all of the protein, vitamins, minerals and all nutrition they need, without the damaging chemicals and preservatives.


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