Beagle Dog Training – Methods to Train Your Beagle to Lay Down


Beagles are incredible dogs to have as companions, but you will need to remember to not overlook the incontrovertible fact that beagles require a really specific training and environment to fulfil their full potential.

If you happen to train your beagle with patience and perseverance you’ll ultimately have a really obedient dog, one that can do almost anything on command. This can be a very special skill to have, especially if you have got a beagle. That is because of the incontrovertible fact that these dogs are hunting dogs and can normally go wherever their noses tell them to, fairly than where their master tells them to.

An amazing solution to start your beagle dog training can be to show him the “lay down” command.

So what’s the “lay down” command?

The lay down command is just getting your beagle to put down on its tummy on YOUR command. On top of this, the beagle must not move until you release the command for it to accomplish that.

That is smart! But how does the “lay down” command work? You will discover the instructions to this query below.

Training Instructions:

1. Begin by having your beagle in a sitting position and be certain to realize its attention. This might be achieved by the straightforward calling of his name.

2. You then make it known that it’s time to do a training exercise by holding some sort of treat or toy above your head so it’s clearly visible. Ensure that your beagle stays in a sitting position and doesn’t come towards you. Remember, we’d like to keep up them focused on the duty at hand.

3. Now you may begin to carry the treat closer to your beagles chest. Really emphasize on maintaining the concentrate on you and never the treat. If you happen to see that your beagle doesn’t listen to you, then snap your fingers and say “eyes here”, once the beagle looks at you, you may then reward him until he can do that consistently.

4. Next, bring the treat out of your beagles chest directly down between his paws. While doing this, be certain you say “down”, once he has laid down, give your beagle the treat and pet him as well. You need to do that several times until it becomes second nature.

5. Lastly, start moving away out of your beagle and be certain he doesn’t suddenly pop up. If he does so, no rewards are given. However, in case your beagle stays within the lay down position until your release the command, you then can reward him with the treat.


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