Bad Dog Food – The Stomach-Churning Poisonous Death Mix in Your Puppy’s Bowl


Your pet might be eating bad pet food Actually, calling it “bad pet food” is an understatement. For those who’re feeding your dog store-purchased food, you are filling its bowl with one of the vital ghastly, stomach-turning collections of disgusting and deadly filth you may ever imagine. Let’s take a take a look at what’s really in that allegedly secure pet food you discover on store shelves.

Byproducts. That does not sound that bad, does it? Slightly “animal byproduct” in your dog’s food doesn’t seem that creepy until you realize what that really means. That “meal and bone” and people “byproducts” are horrific beyond imagination.

After the factory strips off those drumsticks and breasts from a turkey and wraps it up on the market in your local supermarket, they make use of the carcass. That collection of dead skin, feet, eyes and beaks gets shipped off for “treatment”. So do the dying (and already dead) cattle that couldn’t make the cut for human consumption. Chicken parts, too. Oh, and many that roadkill you drive by on the highway gets tossed into plastic bags and sent to the pet food people. Pets? What happens to those strays who’ve been put to sleep? They grow to be “byproducts” too, teeth and all.

The corpses are shredded and dumped right into a vat where they’re cooked until the fat is separated. The pet food firms skim off the putrid fat and the whole lot that continues to be is suddenly “meal and bone”, appropriate to be used in pet food Cat claws, euthanized pet dogs, roadkill, chicken beaks and cattle with mystery ailments are all ground as much as feed your pet.

That is disgusting enough by itself, nevertheless it gets even worse if you realize that “quality control” within the pet food business is not all that great. The dead cat’s flea collar makes it to the grinder. The body bag that held the maggot-riddled corpse of unlucky road kill might make it into the combination, too. That is right, all of that “bone and meal” is paired with ground plastic.

Slightly plastic cannot be good in your dog, nevertheless it’s not like it’ll kill the animal after one bite, right? It is not like we’re talking a couple of highly toxic poison, are we? Actually, we’re. Those euthanized strays who died after taking a shot of poision are in that blend and that poison stays in there, too. Boiling ground corpses in a vat at 250 degrees doesn’t destroy the toxins. There is usually a measurable quantity of deadly poison in business pet food

We’re just scratching the surface of bad pet food too. Pet food makers use crazy fillers made up of pretend proteins that do not do anything in your pet–they just make the label seem somewhat more respectable. There’s also the uncomfortable incontrovertible fact that they use creepy additives which were banned from human food. Are you able to guess why those bad pet food additives aren’t allowed within the human food supply? Sadly enough, it’s because their known to encourage disease and even to cause cancer.

That’ what’s in your dog’s bowl. Disease-riddled corpses, animal waste, plastic, poison and destructive additives. To make matters worse, you possibly can’t even trust the label on the bag. Labeling requirements are loose and a pet food company can claim that their peddling a natural product even when they don’t seem to be. The corporate on the label is not deemed chargeable for all the nasty stuff that makes it into the “raw ingredients” it buys.

For those who’re buying pet food from a grocery or pet store, you might be poisoning the one you love pet. There is no way around it. The rubbish posing as pet food is despicable and anyone who really cares concerning the welfare of animals needs to be absolutely steadfast of their refusal to buy the stuff.

Some researchers contend that countless dogs die outright from nasty, bad pet food and that each dog who consumes this sick garbage loses break day its lifespan with every bit.

You didn’t mean to do it, but you have been killing your pet.

What are you going to do now? You possibly can pretend like you do not know the reality, but that is each cruel to your pet and dishonest. You might have an alternate. You possibly can make pet food yourself. Homemade pet food is a breeze to make and it lets you be certain that that your dog is not being forced to eat the type of dreck that makes it into business pet food It’s low cost, fast, easy and infinitely more healthy than the key label bad pet food most pet owners use.


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