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Occurring a road trip along with your dog is unquestionably an awesome and unforgettable memory.

Gretel and I just finished up a nine-day, almost 4,000 mile road trip with some friends.

We had lots of adventures and made lots of memories.

A number of the adventure was unplanned, but because we were prepared, we felt like there wasn’t anything we couldn’t handle.

To be sure that the road trip along with your dog goes well, follow the following tips.

UPDATED: January 17, 2023

Suggestions for Road Trips With Dogs

1. Remember, not all dogs like riding within the automotive

Identical to humans, some dogs get automotive sick because of motion sickness.

Anxiety about riding in a automotive can even make your dog miserable on the road trip.

Signs your dog could also be automotive sick include continually licking their lips, excessive drooling, constant yawning and panting, nonstop whining, crying out in distress, or and vomiting.

In case your dog is exhibiting any of those signs, don’t lose hope.

There are some things you possibly can do to attenuate your dog’s automotive sickness.

With a bit of help, they might begin to feel more comfortable riding within the automotive.

2. Plan feeding schedules ahead of time

When traveling, your dog’s normal feeding routine may be disrupted.

Have a plan in place a number of days before you allow.

Plan your stops around your dog’s normal feeding times to assist maintain as regular of a schedule as you possibly can.

Although minimizing your dog’s water intake will help prevent accidents within the automotive on short trips, while you might be traveling for days you don’t want them to get dehydrated.

As an alternative, be sure that to all the time have water available.

Also, right before you allow is just not the time to change your dog’s food or treats.

Traveling may be tummy-disrupting so keep on with what they’re used to until if you happen to can until you get back home.

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3. Plan for normal breaks

It’s easy to get within the zone when taking a road trip along with your dog and forget to take breaks.

That’s very true if you happen to’re really excited to get somewhere or you’re in a rush, but not taking regular breaks is bad on your dog and also you.

Each of you possibly can get stiff and develop cramps from being in a single position too long.

Also, having your dog “hold it in” for long periods can result in a urinary tract infection or worse.

I help remind myself to stop, and make it fun, by playing these dog road trip games.

4. Restrain your dog for safety

You place a seatbelt on. Your dog must be wearing one in your road trips, too.

A dog roaming freely across the automotive could be a distraction and it’s possible they may startle you by attempting to jump into your lap.

Keep them in their very own seat with a security tether, put them in a doggy automotive seat, or confine them to a kennel if you happen to can.

Remember though restraining them is just the primary level of safety.

Most “dog safety” products in the marketplace haven’t been tested for performance in a crash test.

The “safety” comes from reducing the prospect you’ll get in a automotive wreck in the primary place.

If you would like to give them a greater probability of escaping a crash unhurt, take a look at this list of products which were crash tested by The Center for Pet Safety, and are considered “top performers.”

Using a crash-tested restraint system is the most effective probability you’ve of keeping your pup protected in a automotive accident.

Realistically though, when you get your entire gear within the automotive, you might not have room for a automotive seat or crate.

While I don’t advise leaving your dog loose within the automotive, if you will need to, no less than give them a chosen and cozy spot to put.

An uncomfortable dog is more prone to be a distraction to the driving force.

5. Don’t forget to pack the necessities

Taking a road trip along with your dog may be very exciting.

Exciting and nice are two various things though (exciting doesn’t all the time mean positive).

To make your road trip easier and more comfortable, consider bringing this stuff:

  • A automotive seat cover to guard your seats from wear
  • Extra towels to wash off your dog before they get within the automotive
  • A travel water dish to maintain your pet hydrated on the go.

Take a look at my full list of must-have essentials for a protected and completely satisfied road trip along with your dog.

6. Keep your dog busy

Some dogs wish to sleep quite a bit on road trips and only periodically get up on the lookout for something to do.

Others are busy-bodies during the complete drive.

A bored dog will find his or her own method to busy themselves they usually may not do it in a way that pleases you want barking, chewing in your seat, or pacing.

To avoid any unwanted behavior, bring a food puzzle, treat toy, or chew that can keep them busy while they’re awake.

Final Thoughts

After you’ve taken a number of road trips along with your dog – and I suggest you do since it’s lots of fun! – you’ll find what works best for you and settle right into a routine.

Your dog will likely even grow to adore it.

Once I take my dogs out for a walk, we all the time pass our automotive.

Each time, they pull toward it like they’re excited to go somewhere.


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