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We’re lucky to have a number of dog-friendly restaurants in Seattle.

Not only are there restaurants where you’ll be able to sit on the patio outside together with your dog, but there are just a few that will let you actually eat inside together with your dog!

I really like taking Gretel with me to an area pub or cafe on the way in which back from our hikes.

I admit she is just not at all times the perfect behaved dogs though.

I see some dogs in restaurants quietly laying at their owner’s feet just minding their very own business. They’re obviously well socialized and well trained.

Gretel, alternatively, may be grumpy with strange people and dogs sometimes. A few times, we’ve almost been kicked out of a dog friendly restaurant.

The worst experience was after I invited 12 of our Dachshund friends to satisfy at a restaurant that had an indication out front that said “dog friendly”. I didn’t call ahead to ask if I could bring a big group of dogs in and but they begrudgingly accommodated us.

UNTIL all the dogs began barking without delay. It seems that among the dogs within the group thought every bang within the kitchen (it was a small place in order that they could hear it) was a knock and would bark.

Once one dog barked, the remaining chimed in. Every time, it might take us a minute or two to get everyone quiet again.

After the second time, a extremely pissed-off waiter stormed over to our table and sternly told us to depart if we couldn’t keep our dogs quiet. We had just began eating so we finished but felt his eyes burning into the back of our heads the entire time.

It was very uncomfortable. Unfortunately, it’s not the primary time I’ve come near being asked to depart as a consequence of the behavior of my very own dogs or my friends dogs.

You possibly can learn from our mistakes.


Show Up with a Bunch of Friends without Giving the Restaurant Notice

What’s more fun than dining out at a restaurant together with your dog? Inviting just a few friends to satisfy you there.

Nonetheless, showing up with 4 or more people and dogs (4 is a median “large” table setting) unannounced probably won’t make any friends with there restaurant staff. In reality, they could be wishing you were leaving the moment you step within the door.

As a substitute, call ahead to be sure that they’ve a table large enough to accommodate you or can push just a few tables together before you show up.

Also bear in mind that some restaurants do allow dogs inside on the down-low but don’t want an entire crowd coming in and attracting attention.

Calling ahead gives the restaurant staff the chance to let you know they aren’t cool with that many dogs showing up and once.

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Let Your Dog Bark

Dogs bark sometimes. It’s inconceivable to completely stop them from barking 100% of the time.

Nonetheless, most dog friendly restaurants state that only “well-behaved dogs are allowed”. This refers to many behaviors nevertheless it definitely includes barking.

Principally, dogs are allowed within the restaurant in the event that they are seen but not heard.

As a substitute, teach your dog the “quiet” command, and get them used to hearing a number of strange noises, before you bring  your dog into restaurants.

If  your dog does by chance bark, make a visual effort to quiet them and act apologetic if the neighboring restaurant patrons have a look at you or the waitperson comes over.

In the event you can’t keep your dog from barking, you might must have your food packaged to go and leave.

Let Your Dog Wander to Other Tables

Most individuals who bring their dog to a restaurant know to maintain them on a leash in order that they don’t roam and hassle people. Unfortunately, some restaurants are cramped and seating is close together, so a leash doesn’t at all times solve the issue.

Even in case your dog is leashed, it may not be short enough to maintain them from sniffing other tables or attempting to lick or paw other people on the restaurant.

Keep in mind that not everyone likes dogs in restaurants.

One would hope they might expect to have encounters with dogs in the event that they go to a dog friendly restaurant but the reality is that they is probably not tolerant of others’ dogs.

They might not have known the restaurant is dog friendly in order that they may not have expected to see dogs. Also, even individuals who like dogs probably don’t want some dog they don’t know bothering them while they eat.

In the event you can’t shorten your dog’s leash enough, you may need to make use of some form of dog treat to distract them. Some good options are Leanlix lickable dog treats or Cloudstar Tricky Trainers (these are affiliate links so I get a small commission of you purchase them).

The good thing about something like Leanlix is you don’t find yourself with beef or chicken or whatever flavored crumbs in your hands. Personally, if I’m not careful, I find yourself eating the crumbs it with my fries.

Let Your Dog Sit on the Table

This might be a moot point when you don’t have a small dog. Nonetheless, many individuals with small dogs sit at a restaurant with their dog on their lap.

It’s very easy, and tempting for a dog, to take that extra step out of your lap to climb up on the table.

Some small dog owners aren’t bothered by that and a few don’t really notice because they’re too busy chatting with friends. You possibly can bet that other people on the restaurant, and restaurant staff, notice though.

By letting a dog right into a restaurant in the primary place, the establishment is probably going risking a health department violation. Dirty dog paws, or a dog butt, on the table could be a health violation obviously and will end in other patrons reporting them.

Be Rude to the Restaurant Staff

Having the ability to dine at a restaurant together with your dog is a privilege. Generally, the restaurant is ignoring the law to will let you achieve this.

Be kind to the staff or they could ask you to depart. Saying, “dogs aren’t allowed within the restaurant” is a fast and straightforward method to eliminate you.

If, for any reason the restaurant staff does ask to you allow, be polite, ask them to box up your meal to go, wait outside until they carry it out to you, and find somewhere nearby, like a park bench, to complete eating.

Your experience can be rather more enjoyable when you be sure that your dog has good table manners. Do you might have any suggestions for eating at restaurants with  your dog?

You could even be focused on this guide to dog friendly bars in Seattle.


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