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There are a number of advantages of traveling together with your dog. Some are obvious and a few should not so obvious.

The more obvious advantages, which most articles about traveling together with your dog mention, include:

  • Your dog gets to experience sights and sounds which might be different than around home
  • You don’t should miss them
  • You recognize they’re well taken care of because nobody takes higher care of them than you
  • You get to spend quality time together with your best furry friend
  • You’ll get some great pictures to share with your pals and family

There are numerous advantages that individuals normally don’t consider though after they take their dog on a road trip or vacation.

These items can strengthen your relationship together with your dog, change the way in which you enjoy your vacations, and life, and alter your dog’s personality for good.

While most advantages apply to each you and your dog, they have a tendency to learn yet one more than the opposite.

I’ve broken the list down into things that primarily profit YOU and those who primarily profit your dog.

Advantages You Gain by Traveling with Your Dog

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A Closer Bond

Whether your travels include mountaineering, camping, or simply exploring a brand new city, your dog might be out of it’s element and searching to you for direction.

This desire to take queues from you, and the one-on-one attention, normally means your dog will form a better bond with you that may last for days, weeks, or endlessly, after your trip is over.

For instance, once I did a 3-day backpacking trip with Gretel, I assumed she can be excited to see Doggy Daddy and never wish to have much to do with me after we got home. Form of like after you are taking a giant trip with a friend – you’ve got a fantastic time but need a little bit space in the connection after.

To my surprise, the other happened. After we got home, she selected to stay by me for more attention and loving.

I actually feel like mountaineering alone within the woods together with her for 3 days strengthened our relationship.

Flexibility and Going with the Flow

Whenever you travel together with your dog, as with all vacation, there is generally a number of planning involved.

After we travel alone or with other humans, we regularly stick with the plans in any respect costs to ensure that we check every part off the list.

Things are different once you bring your pooch along though. Whenever you travel together with your dog, you’ve got to simply accept you’re on their agenda.

For instance, chances are you’ll be planning to hike a certain trail. Although you probably did a number of travel research before hand, you show up and there may be a no dogs allowed sign on the trailhead.

Suddenly, you’ve got to seek out a close-by alternative.

While your first inclination is perhaps toward disappointment because things didn’t prove such as you’d hoped, your dog will just be blissful to to be out on the trail. Also, the brand new discovery can change into just pretty much as good or higher than your original plan.

Seeing your dog’s eyes light up after they get out of the automobile will remind you that having to alter plans and stay flexible is okay. What really matters is the memories you’re making together.

It Forces You to Slow Down

Whenever you travel with other humans, you’ve got to accommodate everyone’s desire to see ALL THE THINGS. It’s little question a really exciting experience but normally also very exhausting.

Ever feel like you could return to work after vacation to get some rest?

Trips together with your dog are often more relaxing and slower paced.

First, dogs are zen sort of creatures. Their goal isn’t to be super busy all the time. They prefer to enjoy each moment for what it’s and stop and smell the roses.

As humans who typically pride ourselves in being busy, we regularly take a look at our dog on vacation, notice their enjoyment, and begin taking queues from them.

The look of our dog living within the moment, prefer it’s the ONLY thing that matters, often makes us wish to take a deep breath and check out to see things through their eyes.

You’ll Meet More People

There are three major reasons traveling together with your dog can result in meeting more people.

First, after we travel by ourselves, we are sometimes too absorbed by our own thoughts, and attempting to get to the subsequent place on our list, to take the time to attach with people around us. Our “I’m on agenda” demeanor often causes people around us to depart us be to do whatever it’s we’re so focused on.

Second, the slowing down and going with the flow can take you to places with fewer people, more locals, and with an attitude of reaching to essentially explore where you might be in the intervening time. All of these items can result in more connections with the people around you.

Third, most individuals love dogs in order that they are good conversation starters.

I often find people attempting to connect with me by smiling and saying “cute dog” or asking me an issue about my dog’s breed or coloring.

These “icebreakers” can result in a deeper conversation, and connection, with people in addition to increase the frequency of these kinds of encounters.

You’ll Discover Things Off the Beaten Path

Often times, the everyday tourist hotspots are off limits to dogs.

This is very true in US National Parks (although you’ll be able to still have quite an enjoyable experience together with your dog should you know these vital things).

Traveling together with your dog requires that you simply dig a little bit deeper to seek out things that let you enjoy what makes the realm so special together with your dog by your side.

Most frequently, these are things that you simply won’t have placed on your to-see list in case your dog wasn’t traveling with you.

Doing this could result in the invention of some hidden gems that attract less tourists and that may make your vacation more unique.

It’s More Cost Effective

Hotels, and alternative accommodations like Airbnb, almost at all times charge a pet fee.

While it’s true that some will be expensive – more of a “we actually don’t want you to bring your dog but…” cost-prohibitive sort of fee – most are reasonable.

Generally, should you add up the price of all of the pet fees, it’s lower than you’d spend on boarding your dog or paying a dog sitter.

In case you can discover a hotel where pets stay free, or decide to camp a few nights, the general cost of bringing your dog on a visit might be even lower.

You’ll Feel a Little Safer

Bringing your dog with you on a visit will help provide you with a way of security.

If you’ve got a giant dog, you’ll be able to feel like you’ve got a continuing bodyguard at your side.

Even small dogs can add to a way of safety.

Smaller dogs will be loud and attract attention if something was to go awry. I’ve also known loads of little dogs that may get really nasty in the event that they feel like their owner is being threatened so don’t discount them for some physical protection either.

Irrespective of what size dog you’ve got, they’re keenly aware of their surroundings. They’re more likely to notice when a situation, or person, doesn’t “feel right” before you do.

Advantages of Travel for Your Dog


While socializing your dog – exposing them to different sights, smells, people, situations, etc. – is most important at a young age, it’s vital to proceed providing opportunities throughout a dog’s life.

Whenever you travel together with your dog, they are going to learn to be around strange people, walk on different surfaces than they’ve around home like metal grates or wood planks, and usually experience a unique world than they know.

While you need to know your dog’s personality and take measures to ensure that they feel secure and comfy – like avoiding probably the most crowded places or times if you’ve got an anxious dog – chances are you’ll be surprised how these recent encounters can change them.

For instance, I even have friends – The Long Haul Trekkers – who biked around Europe and South America with their dog. At first they were nervous how their dog would handle it because she was a bit timid and reactive towards people and other dogs.

They were very cautious with their dog in each recent environment but, to their surprise, she began to get increasingly comfortable with recent dogs and folks. By the tip of their trip, she was a completely different dog.

Repeatedly exposing  your dog to recent situations and places also can help them with environmental changes that occur of their each day life like moving to a brand new house, adopting a brand new furry member of the family, or just moving their food dish.

Getting Focused Attention

In case you’ve ever traveled alone, you’ll comprehend it’s a unique experience than traveling with others.

Whenever you travel with a friend, you are likely to focus more on spending time with them than taking to random strangers.

Within the case where you might be traveling alone together with your dog, THEY are the friend you might be specializing in.

Also, if you end up on vacation, the each day to-do list that keeps you half distracted isn’t there. You might be able to provide more undivided attention to your dog.

Your dog will appreciate this one on one time with you.

Increased Fitness

When your dog is traveling with you, they have a tendency to get more each day exercise than they might at home.

When at home, most dogs spend all day on the couch if you end up at work. Even with the most effective intentions, not all dogs get a walk day-after-day.

When you’re travelling together with your dog, you guys are on the move more often.

You’re simply moving and doing more throughout the day. You’re focused on getting out and exploring recent places.

You will have to walk a little bit further to seek out an appropriate potty place by your hotel (vs. letting them out within the back yard).

As you’ll be able to see, there are numerous advantages to traveling together with your dog.

Have you ever traveled together with your dog? Would you add anything to my list of unexpected advantages?


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