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I’ve been climbing, camping, and traveling with my Dachshunds over 15 years.

I like dog gear but, over time, I’ve found that there are several essentials I take with us each time we go on an adventure.

My dogs could also be small but I do know my must-have list can be the identical even when I had a much bigger dog.

Here’s what I bring on every adventure.

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10 Essential Items for Adventuring with Dogs

1) A snug harness

When your dog will likely be walking long distances, their harness might get wet, sandy, or dirty, or they is likely to be wearing it 24-7 when traveling, it’s extra essential to get one which is comfortable and won’t chafe or rub them raw.

You possibly can read my full warning concerning the harness chafing issue but, for us, it boils right down to using a harness that doesn’t rest in my Dachshund’s armpits.

The first harness we use when I feel chafing is a possible issue, is the Casual Padded Y Harness from Hurtta.

Due to pointy breast bone Dachshunds have, the strap that’s imagined to run down the center of the chest does sometimes slide to the side but it surely doesn’t cause any fit issues for them.

My second favorite alternative for when my Dachshunds are going for a protracted walk or hike is the Ruffwear Flagline harness.

2) A water-proof dog leash

You never know what adventure will throw at you so it’s best to make use of a leash that won’t absorb water, attract dirt and dust, and is simple to scrub.

I’ve been using using waterproof biothane leashes – also known as coated nylon webbing – for years and may’t imagine using anything.

3) Pet grooming wipes

Did your Mom or Grandma all the time keep a Wet-Nap of their purse to scrub off your hand or face in the event that they got grimy?

It’s like that but you’re the responsible adult and your dog is the messy kid.

Slip a pair hypoallergenic, deodorizing, individually wrapped dog grooming wipes in your bag so you’ll be able to clean paws, wipe errant dog poop (on bums or hands), clean eye boogers, or clean up other little messes quickly.

In case you prefer to purchase in bulk so it creates less waste (you’ll be able to tuck a pair in a resealable bag in your purse), the Earthbath Pet Grooming Wipes are considered one of my all-time favorite pet wipes (and I’ve tried a LOT).

4) A dog jacket

There are few places on the planet where the weather doesn’t change no less than once a day.

One minute it may very well be warm and sunny at the opposite it may very well be breezy, rainy, cold or all the above.

The Teckelklub Fuzzie is an awesome light fleece Dachshund sweater to maintain tucked in your bag for those chilly moments.

Examine other jackets Teckelklub makes HERE.

If the weather is wet or cold, you could need a rain or winter Dachshund coat.

You possibly can either use this heavier jacket along or use the Teckelklub Fuzzie as a part of your dog clothes layering system.

5) A collapsible dog bowl

Keeping your dog hydrated when you find yourself out and about could be very essential.

Your dog won’t have free access to water like at home.

Even when a dog has access to a public dog water dish, they could not all the time need to drink it.

Also, sometimes they may be so nasty that you simply don’t want your dog to drink the dirt and germs.

Carrying your personal bowl means you could give your dog a drink each time you’ve gotten access to water.

A collapsible silicone dog bowl folds down flat so it’s easy to slide right into a purse or bag.

Our favourite – and the one we’ve used for years (and it still looks recent) – is the Dexas Popware for Pets Collapsible Travel Cup (affiliate link).

6) Dog treats

Dog treats are essential for a lot of reasons.

Besides the plain of keeping your dog from going hungry, they may be used to:

I prefer to make use of tiny, low calorie dog treats so I don’t must worry much about what number of they get in a day.

These are my favorite dog training treats for small dogs.

7) A microfiber towel

I all the time bring no less than a small microfiber towel or washcloth with me on hikes to dry the dogs off before I pick them up if I even have to hold them for some reason.

When climbing within the snow, I bring a bigger microfiber towel for them to face on once we stop for lunch (if I don’t actually bring a blanket).

Microfiber towels are made from lightweight fabric that’s designed for increased absorption and quick drying.

They’re typically light and compact (depending on the material and size), taking on little or no space in your backpack or bag.

It is going to be your best defense against a muddy automobile (I often leave the towel within the automobile as an alternative of carrying it if we’re not climbing.

My favorite is the PackTowl Luxe Quick Dry Microfiber Towel.

8) Poop bags

In fact you’re a responsible dog owner and all the time pick up your dog’s poop because you recognize it could contaminate waterways and cause a health hazard.

Make sure to carry no less than two poop bags with you because your dog may go greater than once and also you don’t need to be caught empty handed.

9) First aid kit

Whether it’s in my pack once we are climbing, or in my automobile if we’re in an urban area and/or will likely be out of the automobile briefly, I all the time have no less than a small dog first aid kit with me.

You possibly can assemble your personal or purchase a pre-made dog first aid kit just like the Adventure Medical Me and My Dog kit.

10) A bag to hold all of it in

You’ll need a bag to hold every little thing in.

For me, often that’s my Dog Mom Purse.

It could actually get pretty full though so sometimes I would like to bring a much bigger tote or messenger bag.

One I actually like for travel and general walking around is the Sleepypod Go Bag.

It has a strap so it could be carried like a messenger bag.

It’s definitely larger than an enormous purse but it surely’s low profile so it sits close against the body and doesn’t grow to be cumbersome.

I haven’t found a necessity yet for the insulated little bags it comes with (perhaps for my very own lunch sometime?) so I take them out.

Thew bag is sufficiently big to hold all of my regular purse stuff, my dog’s stuff, and a few extras like a bottle of water and snacks for me.

If I’m climbing, then I put all the dog’s stuff in my regular backpack.

Final Thoughts

My motto is all the time be prepared.

Above is an inventory of the common things I bring on any adventure, whether or not it’s climbing, camping, or simply exploring around town.

Do you’ve gotten any must-bring essentials you’ll add to this list?


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