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Pet parents want to provide their dogs the perfect treatment that they’ll.

Nonetheless, with our busy lives, also they are in search of more freedom and convenience in the case of caring for his or her pet.

UPDATED: Originally published July 2014

For instance, people more continuously order pet food and pet supplies online in order that they don’t must spend the time driving to, and shopping at, the shop.

Something that could make caring on your pet’s health more convenient is using a mobile veterinarian.

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Mobile vet services are on the rise, especially in busy metropolitan areas across the country like Seattle.

Mobile veterinarians may be present in additional rural communities too though like Best Friends Mobile Veterinary Care in Cle Elum, WA.

Many small towns are surrounded by agricultural land with livestock.

Veterinarians often must travel to treat these large animals and lots of have adapted their services to incorporate treating pets in the house.

There are several explanation why you might want to think about using a mobile veterinarian if one is out there to you.

10 Reasons to Use a Mobile Veterinarian

1) It’s more convenient

Mobile veterinarians come to you and examine your pet on a day, and at a time, that’s convenient for you.

2) Your pet could also be more comfortable

A mobile vet can examine your pet within the comfort of your individual home where your pet is conversant in their surroundings.

3) A more relaxed experience on your pet

No wonder it isn’t unusual on your pet’s heartbeat to be high on the veterinarian’s.

Many pets hate care rides or begin to shake as soon as you pull into the parking zone of the vet clinic.

Without the stress of a automobile ride, and prolonged nervous anticipation, your pet could also be more relaxed through the examination.

When the vet can examine your pet in a more relaxed state, they’ll higher determine your pet’s “normal” vitals.

4) It should prevent time

Most individuals travel 30 to 60 minutes to see their veterinarian.

Mobile veterinarians come to you and examine your pet on a day, and at a time, that’s convenient for you.

This could be especially helpful if you may have a busy schedule or in case your pet is unable to travel as a consequence of age, size, or health issues.

You save time since you don’t must drive to and from the clinic and you might give you the option to schedule an appointment so the mobile vet shows up right once you get home from work.

dachshund dog at home on sofadachshund dog at home on sofaPhoto Credit: Depositphoto/leungchopan

5) It is perhaps cheaper

Traditional veterinary clinics have a number of overhead costs, like rent or mortgage, electricity, web, phones, management staff, etc, that they must factor into the fee that every patient pays.

Mobile veterinarians have a really low overhead.

Meaning a vet home visit cost is typically the identical or lower than the quantity you’d pay at a veterinary clinic.

Some consider house calls a premium service though, and it cost the vet more money and time to travel to you, so the service just isn’t all the time cheaper though.

Also, he cost of a vet home visit can vary depending on plenty of aspects, including the gap the vet has to travel, the length of the visit, and the services provided.

You could still come out ahead though considering your individual fuel costs to drive to the vet clinic but make sure to compare costs beforehand if money is a think about your decision.

6) More personalized care

Mobile veterinarians are in a position to spend more time with their patients, which might result in more personalized care and a spotlight.

7) You possibly can remain with our pet

Ever because the great illness of a lifetime that shall not be named, most vet clinics stopped letting owners accompany their pets contained in the constructing.

Mobile veterinarians come to your own home so that you can be present through the exam and might consult with the vet fact-to-face.

8) There are fewer distractions

A mobile veterinarian can focus solely in your pet, without the distractions of other animals and clients present in a standard veterinary clinic.

You may also focus more in your pet and what the vet is telling you when there just isn’t a number of noise from other pets and other people.

9) More flexible appointment times

Mobile veterinarians may offer flexible scheduling, including evening and weekend appointments.

10) Specialized services

Some mobile veterinarians focus on specific areas of veterinary care, reminiscent of geriatric care, behavior consulting, and in-home euthanasia.

The three Highest Rated Mobile Vets in Seattle

The most important city near us is Seattle so you could have found this blog post by searching “mobile veterinary services Seattle.”

For that reason, I desired to list just a few of the preferred mobile veterinarians in Seattle.

The Vets – At Home Pet Care in Seattle

The Vets offers the complete range of treatment options your pet needs, including wellness exams, sick care, diagnostics, and more.

They supply mobile veterinary services in Seattle, Queen Anne, Wedgwood, Fremont, Capitol Hill, West Woodland, High Point, North Beacon Hill, First Hill, Seattle, Magnolia, Crown Hill, Shoreline, Lake Forest Park, and more.

The Vets also has mobile veterinarians in 15 other major cities across the country.

Home Veterinary Services

Dr. Knasiak at Home Veterinary Services provides mobile veterinary take care of dog and cat owners in Seattle, Renton, Bellevue, Redmond, Kirkland, Issaquah, Sammamish, Newcastle, Kent, Auburn, Covington, Maple Valley, Burien, Tukwila and nearby areas.

Services include diagnostic testing and exams, vaccinations, wellness exams, quality of life assessments, and residential euthanasia.


BetterVet appears to be probably the most technologically-advanced of those three Seattle mobile veterinarian services.

Their website says, “BetterVet is a full-service veterinary practice on wheels supported by a robust digital platform.

Whether you would like a fast video consultation or an in-home visit, it’s easy. Just open our BetterVet app or website, book an appointment, and we’ll come to you.”

BetterVet serves Seattle just east of the Redmond/Bellevue area and north-south from roughly Mill Creek to White Center.

BetterVet also has mobile veterinarians in 27 other major cities across the country.

Lap of Love

Yeah, I do know I said 3 mobile veterinarians but Lap of Love deserves a special callout for it’s beyond excellent assistance with end-of-life pet care.

A couple of of my friends have used them and might’t sing their praises enough.

Lap of Love assists families and their pets in Seattle, Tacoma, and the encompassing areas with end-of-life care within the comfort of their home (in addition they offer “teleadvice” when needed in between home appointments).

Their experienced veterinarians provide compassionate care on your dog or cat, including in-home euthanasia and hospice.

Veterinary hospice specifically addresses comfort care and pain management for pets.

They assist families within the greater Seattle area.

Final Thoughts

Mobile veterinarian services are on the rise.

Some singular veterinarians have chosen to take their services on the road and there are some networks that serve several large metropolitan areas across the country.

If you may have a mobile veterinarian in your area, it is perhaps value giving it a attempt to see the way you prefer it.

There are lots of advantages to having a mobile veterinarian come to your property like convenience, reduced anxiety on your pet, and potentially a lower vet home visit cost.

Mobile veterinary services could be especially helpful through the difficult time of getting to say goodbye to your pet.


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